Book Lovers Day Sale 2019

National Book Lovers Day is celebrated on August 9th every year. This is an unofficial holiday observed to encourage bibliophiles to celebrate reading and literature. People are advised to put away their smartphones and every possible technological distraction and pick up a book to read.

The University of Hawaii Press is celebrating this day by offering discounts on the following titles:


National Language Month Sale 2019

In celebration of National Language Month, the University of Hawaii Press is offering discounts on language related titles from August 1 – 31. You can view all on sale titles here.

9780824834937A Dictionary of Mah Meri as Spoken at Bukit BangkongPaperback$40.00 $28.00
9780824830618A Grammar of South Efate: An Oceanic Language of VanuatuPaperback$41.00 $28.70
9780824830007A Handbook of ‘Phags-Pa ChineseHardback$44.00 $30.80
9780824822170A History of Writing in JapanPaperback$27.00 $18.90
9780824838164A Resource for Korean Grammar InstructionHardback$55.00 $38.50
9780824850425A Study of Saisiyat MorphologyPaperback$40.00 $28.00
9780824811174A Vietnamese Reference GrammarPaperback$35.00 $24.50
9780824827663ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive DictionaryHardback$45.00 $31.50
9780824823207ABC Chinese-English Dictionary: Desk Reference EditionHardback$28.00 $19.60
9780824856106ABC Dictionary of Ancient Japanese PhonogramsHardback$70.00 $49.00
9780824827700ABC Dictionary of Chinese Proverbs (Yanyu)Paperback$20.00 $14.00
9780824822217ABC Dictionary of Chinese Proverbs (Yanyu)Hardback$60.00 $42.00
9780824823313ABC Dictionary of Sino-Japanese ReadingsHardback$55.00 $38.50
9780824834852ABC English-Chinese Chinese-English DictionaryPaperback$20.00 $14.00
9780824829759ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old ChineseHardback$64.00 $44.80
9780824822613Acts of Reading: Exploring Connections in Pedagogy of JapaneseHardback$52.00 $36.40
9780824816865All About HawaiianPaperback$11.99 $8.39
9780824819354An Erromangan (Sye) GrammarPaperback$40.00 $28.00
9781624120138An Illustrated Guide to Korean: Essential Words and PhrasesPaperback$25.00 $17.50
9788776942724Asia Through Nordic Eyes: Fifty Years of Nordic Scholarship on AsiaPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824818920Asia’s Orthographic DilemmaPaperback$24.00 $16.80
9780824828806Bislama Reference GrammarPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824802691Chamorro Reference GrammarPaperback$31.00 $21.70
9780824803537Chamorro-English DictionaryPaperback$31.00 $21.70
9780824833640Chinese Writing and CalligraphyPaperback$25.00 $17.50
9780824809447Conversational Tagalog: A Functional-Situational ApproachPaperback$24.00 $16.80
9788776941161Dictionary of Kammu Yuan Language and CultureHardback$120.00 $84.00
9780824834739English-Tahitian, Tahitian-English DictionaryHardback$64.00 $44.80
9780824857875Essential Hindi Grammar: With Examples from Modern Hindi LiteratureHardback$75.00 $52.50
9780824871857Essential Hindi Grammar: With Examples from Modern Hindi LiteraturePaperback$39.00 $27.30
9781624121005Essential Korean Idioms: 300 Idioms to Upgrade Your KoreanPaperback$27.00 $18.90
9780824828899Expressive Japanese: A Reference Guide for Sharing Emotion and EmpathyPaperback$26.00 $18.20
9780824831561Fundamental Spoken ChinesePaperback$39.00 $27.30
9780824831578Fundamental Written ChinesePaperback$39.00 $27.30
9780824831769Fundamentals of Japanese Grammar: Comprehensive AcquisitionPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824831318Gagana Samoa: A Samoan Language Coursebook, Revised EditionPaperback$26.00 $18.20
9780824817381Handbook of Korean Vocabulary: A Resource for Word Recognition and ComprehensionHardback$90.00 $63.00
9780824818159Handbook of Korean Vocabulary: A Resource for Word Recognition and ComprehensionPaperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824810184Handbook of Tagalog Verbs: Inflection, Modes, and AspectsPaperback$28.00 $19.60
9780824859114Handbook of Tagalog Verbs: Inflection, Modes, and AspectsHardback$90.00 $63.00
9788991913691Hangeul: Korea’s Unique AlphabetPaperback$15.00 $10.50
9780824807030Hawaiian Dictionary: Hawaiian-English English-Hawaiian Revised and Enlarged EditionHardback$36.99 $25.89
9780824824891Hawaiian GrammarPaperback$27.00 $18.90
9780824830090Ho’opilipili ‘Olelo II: Hawaiian Language Crossword Puzzles, Word Search Puzzles, Change-a-Letter Puzzles, and Crossword DictionaryPaperback$19.00 $13.30
9789715506601How My Sons Lost Their TagalogPaperback$30.00 $21.00
9780824827601Ideogram: Chinese Characters and the Myth of Disembodied MeaningPaperback$25.00 $17.50
9780824834784Indonesian Grammar in Context: Asyik Berbahasa Indonesia, Volume 1Paperback$27.00 $18.90
9780824835743Indonesian Grammar in Context: Asyik Berbahasa Indonesia, Volume 2Paperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824835750Indonesian Grammar in Context: Asyik Berbahasa Indonesia, Volume 3Paperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824834500Integrated Korean Workbook: Beginning 1, Second EditionPaperback$20.00 $14.00
9780824876500Integrated Korean Workbook: Beginning 1, Third EditionPaperback$24.00 $19.20
9780824835163Integrated Korean Workbook: Beginning 2, Second EditionPaperback$20.00 $14.00
9780824836511Integrated Korean Workbook: Intermediate 1, Second EditionPaperback$25.00 $17.50
9780824824235Integrated Korean Workbook: Intermediate 2, First EditionPaperback$25.00 $17.50
9780824838676Integrated Korean Workbook: Intermediate 2, Second EditionPaperback$25.00 $17.50
9780824827519Integrated Korean: Advanced 1Paperback$30.00 $21.00
9780824827779Integrated Korean: Advanced 2Paperback$30.00 $21.00
9780824825683Integrated Korean: Advanced Intermediate 1Paperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824825263Integrated Korean: Advanced Intermediate 2Paperback$31.00 $21.70
9780824834401Integrated Korean: Beginning 1, Second EditionPaperback$28.00 $19.60
9780824876197Integrated Korean: Beginning 1, Third EditionPaperback$32.00 $25.60
9780824835156Integrated Korean: Beginning 2, Second EditionPaperback$28.00 $19.60
9780824821753Integrated Korean: Beginning Level 1 Workbook, First EditionPaperback$20.00 $14.00
9780824825690Integrated Korean: High Advanced 1Paperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824825805Integrated Korean: High Advanced 2Paperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824877927Integrated Korean: High Intermediate 1Paperback$32.00 $25.60
9780824882761Integrated Korean: High Intermediate 2Paperback$32.00 $25.60
9780824836504Integrated Korean: Intermediate 1, Second EditionPaperback$31.00 $21.70
9780824824228Integrated Korean: Intermediate 2, First EditionPaperback$35.00 $24.50
9780824838133Integrated Korean: Intermediate 2, Second EditionPaperback$35.00 $24.50
9780824826451Intermediate Ilokano: An Integrated Language and Culture Reading TextPaperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824807764Intermediate Tagalog: Developing Cultural Awareness through LanguagePaperback$27.00 $18.90
9780824818784Japanese Communication: Language and Thought in ContextPaperback$26.00 $18.20
9780824810177Japanese Language and Culture for Business and TravelPaperback$30.00 $21.00
9780824807740Japanese Now: Volume 1, TextbookPaperback$17.00 $11.90
9780824807979Japanese Now: Volume 2, Exercise SheetPaperback$6.50 $4.55
9780824807962Japanese Now: Volume 2, Teacher’s ManualPaperback$17.00 $11.90
9780824807955Japanese Now: Volume 2, TextbookHardback$22.00 $15.40
9780824810429Japanese Now: Volume 3, TextbookHardback$22.00 $15.40
9780824810443Japanese Now: Volume 3, Exercise SheetPaperback$6.50 $4.55
9780824810436Japanese Now: Volume 3, Teacher’s ManualPaperback$22.00 $15.40
9780824811990Japanese Now: Volume 4, TextbookHardback$26.00 $18.20
9780824812485Japanese Now: Volume 4, Teacher’s ManualPaperback$26.00 $18.20
9780824812492Japanese Now: Volume 4, Exercise SheetPaperback$8.00 $5.60
9780824812591Ka Lei Haaheo: Beginning HawaiianPaperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824813727Ka Lei Haaheo: Beginning Hawaiian (Teacher’s Guide and Answer Key)Paperback$26.00 $18.20
9780824855857Kanaka ‘Ōiwi Methodologies: Mo‘olelo and MetaphorPaperback$18.00 $12.60
9780824826024Keigo in Modern Japan: Polite Language from Meiji to the PresentHardback$47.00 $32.90
9780908940073Kimihia Te Mea Ngaro: Seek That Which Is LostPaperback$25.00 $17.50
9780824832513Kokota GrammarPaperback$36.00 $25.20
9780824824778Korean CompositionPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9781624120688Korean Language for BeginnersPaperback$25.00 $17.50
9780824826949Korean Language in Culture and SocietyPaperback$33.00 $23.10
9780824824990Korean Reader for Chinese CharactersPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824832780Koreo-Japonica: A Re-evaluation of a Common Genetic OriginHardback$55.00 $38.50
9780824808594Learn Japanese: New College Text; Volume 1Paperback$23.00 $16.10
9780824808815Learn Japanese: New College Text; Volume 2Paperback$23.00 $16.10
9780824808969Learn Japanese: New College Text; Volume 3Paperback$26.00 $18.20
9780824809515Learn Japanese: New College Text; Volume 4Paperback$26.00 $18.20
9780824834821Learning Japanese for Real: A Guide to Grammar, Use, and Genres of the Nihongo WorldHardback$62.00 $43.40
9780824835408Learning Japanese for Real: A Guide to Grammar, Use, and Genres of the Nihongo WorldPaperback$30.00 $21.00
9780824834791Let’s Speak Indonesian: Ayo Berbahasa Indonesia, Volume 1Paperback$27.00 $18.90
9780824834807Let’s Speak Indonesian: Ayo Berbahasa Indonesia, Volume 2Paperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824802837Let’s Speak Hawaiian; E Kama’ilio Hawai’i Kakou, revised edition: A Comprehensive Hawaiian Language Text for Classroom StudyPaperback$27.00 $18.90
9780824808228Let’s Speak IlokanoPaperback$23.00 $16.10
9780824824976Making Sense of Japanese Grammar: A Clear Guide through Common ProblemsHardback$75.00 $52.50
9780824825836Making Sense of Japanese Grammar: A Clear Guide through Common ProblemsPaperback$22.00 $15.40
9780824828035Mamaka Kaiao: A Modern Hawaiian VocabularyPaperback$24.99 $17.49
9780824859930Marshallese Reference GrammarPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824804572Marshallese-English DictionaryPaperback$38.00 $26.60
9780824832643Minimal Old Chinese and Later Han Chinese: A Companion to Grammata Serica RecensaHardback$58.00 $40.60
9780824859206Modern Korean: An Intermediate ReaderHardback$105.00 $73.50
9780824822224Modern Korean: An Intermediate ReaderPaperback$30.00 $21.00
9780824813321Modern Tagalog: Grammatical Explanations and Exercises for Non-native SpeakersPaperback$18.00 $12.60
9781869693794My Language, My InspirationPaperback$36.00 $25.20
9780824813451New Palauan-English DictionaryHardback$44.00 $30.80
9780824813925New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary: With a Concise Grammar and Given Names in HawaiianPaperback$7.99 $5.59
9780824823757Nhanda: An Aboriginal Language of Western AustraliaPaperback$27.00 $18.90
9780824857790North Borneo Sourcebook: Vocabularies and FunctorsPaperback$50.00 $35.00
9780824825959O si Manu a Alii: A Text for the Advanced Study of Samoan Language and CulturePaperback$43.00 $30.10
9780824831028Okinawan-English WordbookPaperback$19.00 $13.30
9780824829322Otto Dempwolff’s Grammar of the Jabem Language in New GuineaPaperback$19.00 $13.30
9780824859183Pacific Languages: An IntroductionHardback$90.00 $63.00
9780824818982Pacific Languages: An IntroductionPaperback$40.00 $28.00
9789715506496Perspectives on Philippine Languages: Five Centuries of European ScholarshipPaperback$66.00 $46.20
9780824805241Place Names of HawaiiPaperback$17.99 $12.59
9780824811877Pocket Place Names of HawaiiPaperback$6.99 $4.89
9780824807184Ponapean Reference GrammarPaperback$26.00 $18.20
9780824859084Ponapean-English DictionaryHardback$75.00 $52.50
9780824805623Ponapean-English DictionaryPaperback$26.00 $18.20
9780824820473Readers Guide to Intermediate JapanesePaperback$24.00 $16.80
9780824833237Remembering Simplified Hanzi 1: How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Chinese CharactersPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824836559Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2: How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Chinese CharactersPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824835927Remembering the Kanji 1: A Complete Course on How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Japanese CharactersPaperback$34.00 $23.80
9780824836696Remembering the Kanji 2: A Systematic Guide to Reading the Japanese CharactersPaperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824837020Remembering the Kanji 3: Writing and Reading the Japanese Characters for Upper Level ProficiencyPaperback$34.00 $23.80
9780824833244Remembering Traditional Hanzi 1: How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Chinese CharactersPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824836566Remembering Traditional Hanzi 2: How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Chinese CharactersPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780824826918Selected Readings in KoreanPaperback$36.00 $25.20
9780870222139Selections from Fornander’s Hawaiian Antiquities and Folk-LorePaperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824835538Sivisa Titan: Sketch Grammar, Texts, Vocabulary Based on Material Collected by P. Josef Meier and Po MinisPaperback$40.00 $28.00
9780824804176Spoken Chamorro: Second EditionPaperback$31.00 $21.70
9780870222160Spoken HawaiianPaperback$31.00 $21.70
9780824859077Spoken HawaiianHardback$75.00 $52.50
9780870220708Spoken Marshallese: An Intensive Language Course with Grammatical Notes and GlossaryPaperback$29.00 $20.30
9780870226762Tagalog DictionaryPaperback$22.00 $15.40
9780870226779Tagalog StructuresPaperback$17.00 $11.90
9781869691783Te Kete Kupu: Nga Kupu Waiwai O Toku ReoPaperback$9.00 $6.30
9780824828981Teaching Mikadoism: The Attack on Japanese Language Schools in Hawaii, California, and Washington, 1919-1927Hardback$42.00 $29.40
9780824816919Tense and Aspect in KoreanPaperback$20.00 $14.00
9789747512250Thai Language and Culture for Beginners 1Paperback$40.00 $28.00
9789747512267Thai Language and Culture for Beginners 2Paperback$40.00 $28.00
9780824810689The Chinese Language: Fact and FantasyPaperback$23.00 $16.10
9780824866228The Colors of Dawn: Twentieth-Century Korean PoetryPaperback$20.00 $14.00
9780824817237The Korean Alphabet: Its History and StructurePaperback$45.00 $31.50
9780917880056The OtogibokoPaperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824832797The Role of Contact in the Origins of the Japanese and Korean LanguagesHardback$48.00 $33.60
9780824829254The Songmaker’s ChairPaperback$22.00 $15.40
9780824826017The Sounds of Korean: A Pronunciation GuidePaperback$24.00 $16.80
9780824859046The Sounds of Korean: A Pronunciation GuideHardback$75.00 $52.50
9780824802257The Student LoversPaperback$11.00 $7.70
9780824816377The Voices of Eden: A History of Hawaiian Language StudiesPaperback$31.00 $21.70
9780824815301Tonality in Austronesian LanguagesPaperback$24.00 $16.80
9789715420372Translating the Sugilanon: Re-framing the SignPaperback$20.00 $14.00
9780824836429Transpacific Articulations: Student Migration and the Remaking of Asian AmericaHardback$46.00 $32.20
9780824816049Treasury of Hawaiian Words in One Hundred and One CategoriesPaperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824812072Visible Speech: The Diverse Oneness of Writing SystemsHardback$39.00 $27.30
9780824831905William J. Gedney’s Comparative Tai Source BookPaperback$32.00 $22.40
9780824835385William J. Gedney’s Concise Saek-English, English-Saek LexiconPaperback$35.00 $24.50
9780824815080Written Japanese: An IntroductionPaperback$28.00 $19.60

Summertime Sale 2019

University of Hawaii Press is celebrating Summer by offering discounts on select titles for the month of July!

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Riding Waves and Writing Places; Author John Clark Records Hawai’i

John R. Kukeakalani Clark is the author of ten books about Hawaii’s beaches, surf spots, and ocean lore, including North Shore Place Names: Kahuku to Ka‘ena and Hawaiian Surfing: Traditions from the Past. He is also a former lifeguard and a retired deputy fire chief of the Honolulu Fire Department. We decided to ask John what had inspired him to start writing about the islands.

From the author:

“In 1970 I completed a two-year tour of duty in the Army and returned home to Hawaii. A friend of mine was working as a City and County of Honolulu lifeguard and told me they were looking for more guards. I applied and was hired immediately by Captain Aloha Kaeo. He assigned me and another guard, Daryl Picadura, to Sandy Beach as its first full-time lifeguards.

“Daryl and I made a lot of rescues, and early in 1972 I decided we should be pro-active and try to reach people, especially our visitors, before they reached the beach. I thought we might be able to do it through a book, so I started writing, first about Sandy Beach, and then about all the other beaches on Oahu. I have a BA in Hawaiian Studies from UHM, so in addition to the water safety information, I included some Hawaiian history about the beaches with a focus on the moolelo, the stories, behind their names.

“Later in 1972 I gave up my job as a lifeguard and joined the Honolulu Fire Department, but I continued to work on my manuscript. The UH Press published my first book, Beaches ofOahu, in 1977. One book led to another and during my 33 years with HFD, I wrote six more books. I continued to write even after I retired at the end of 2005, and as of 2018, I have written 10 books on Hawaii’s beaches, surf spots and shoreline place names.”



Enjoy these great titles!

UH Press Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month celebrating the achievements and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

As the premier academic press within the Asian/Pacific region, the University of Hawaii Press would like to celebrate by offering discounts on the following titles for the entire month:

Merrie Monarch Sale 2019

The Merrie Monarch Festival is a week-long cultural festival that takes place annually in Hilo, Hawaii during the week after Easter. It honors King David Kalākaua, who was called the “Merrie Monarch” for his patronage of the arts and is credited with restoring many Hawaiian cultural traditions during his reign, including the hula. Many hālau hula (schools), including some from the U.S. mainland and some international performers, attend the festival each year to participate in exhibitions and competitions. The festival has received worldwide attention and is considered the most prestigious of all hula contests.

In honor of this festival, the University of Hawaii Press will be offering a 30% discount on the following titles:

Arbor Day Sale 2019

To celebrate Arbor Day, the University of Hawaii Press is offering 30% off the following titles from April 25-26:

Trees of Hawaii,
by Angela Kay Kepler

Trees of Hawaii, by Angela Kay Kepler

Surrounded by a vast array of colorful trees and shrubs, many residents and visitors with scant knowledge of botany are unable to find out more about “that tree with the small, pink flowers” or “the one on the corner with the pale green leaves.” Kepler comes to our rescue with this easy-to-use guide and brings alive the kaleidoscopic flora that beautifies Hawai‘i.






Loulu: THe Hawaiian Palm,
by Donald R. Hodel

Loulu: The Hawaiian Palm, by Donald R. Hodel

Forewords by Paul R. Weissich and William S. Merwin
The only native palms in Hawai‘i, loulu are among the Islands’ most distinctive plants. Several of the 24 recognized species are rare and endangered and all make handsome and appropriate ornamentals to adorn gardens and landscapes with their dramatic foliage, colorful flower clusters, and conspicuous fruits. In this volume, Donald Hodel shares his expertise on loulu, having traveled extensively throughout Hawai‘i to research and photograph nearly all the species in their native habitat. In the course of his work, he described and named three loulu that were new to science.

Each of the 24 species is treated in detail and this book is handsomely illustrated with more than 200 color photographs that clearly show leaves, flower stalks, fruits, and habitat. Chapters on loulu history, botany, ecology, conservation, uses, and propagation and culture provide essential background information for readers, whatever their level of interest or expertise. In the appendices, they will find a concise summary of loulu, lists of species by island, and an illustrated compendium of exotic, naturalized palms of Hawai‘i and relatives of loulu found throughout the South Pacific.

As interest in growing and conserving native Hawaiian plants surges while their numbers and habitat continue to decline, Loulu: The Hawaiian Palm will be valued as one of the most comprehensive and thoroughly illustrated treatments of these exceptional plants.