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  • Asian-American Studies Sale 2020

    University of Hawai‘i Press is having a special sale on a wide range of titles covering the experience of Asian Americans. Save 40% on select titles from April 5 – 20, 2020. Full list of sale titles below (Download PDF):

  • Oceanic Linguistics, vol. 58 no. 2 (2019)

    Oceanic Linguistics OL 58-2

    The new issue of Oceanic Linguistics includes the following scholarly works. Articles The Resurrection of Proto-Philippines Robert Blust Functions of the Subanon mo-Prefix: Evidence from Paradigms and Argument Structure Bryn Hauk The Bilabial-to-Linguolabial Shift in Southern Oceanic: A Subgrouping Diagnostic? John Lynch Jespersen in the Reef Islands: Single versus Bipartite Negation in Äiwoo Giovanni Roversi,…