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  • Philosophy East and West Vol. 69, No. 4

    Philosophy East and West vol. 69, no. 4 includes the following scholarly works: Articles Russell and Jin Yuelin on Facts: From the Perspective of Comparative Philosophy Chen Bo A Kantian Reading of the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā: The Philosophical basis And advantages Justin P. Holder On the Sit-Chûn Scholars of Taiwanese Philosophy Tzu-wei Hung In Defense of Beauty:…

  • The Journal of Burma Studies, vol. 23 no. 2 (2019)

    Figure 2: Front cover of the pirate edition of The Thirty-Seven Nats, from "Counting to 37:Sir Richard Carnac Temple and the Thirty-Eighth Nat" by Sally Bamford, this issue. The three articles in the new issue of The Journal of Burma Studies offer a compelling picture of accounting: nats, coins, and people. Editor's Note Jane M.…