Paddling Hawaii, rev. ed.

Paperback: $19.99
ISBN-13: 9780824820411
Published: July 1998

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248 pages
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  • This revised edition of the best and most authoritative kayaking guide to Hawai'i is written for the lifelong landlubber and expert kayaker alike.

    Audrey Sutherland draws on more than three decades of experience as a paddler in Hawaii (and elsewhere) to provide readers of all abilities with everything they need to know to enjoy a safe and satisfying paddling trip in Hawai'i–whether it's an afternoon spin around a cove or a week-long circumnavigation of an entire island.

    In addition to detailed route descriptions for all the major islands–covering departure and landing spots, interesting stops and sights along the way, and likely campsites for overnight stays–this guide contains a wealth of information on kayaks and paddles, safety, weather, food, and transporting equipment between islands. Much of the information is new and useful wherever in the world you paddle.

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    • Audrey Sutherland, Author

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