Atlas of World Heritage—China: A Photographic Journey of China’s Most Famous Cultural and Natural Sites

Hardback: $15.00
ISBN-13: 9781602200050
Published: October 2009

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188 pages | color illus.
  • About the Book
  • The 29 sites in China on the World Heritage list are introduced and illustrated in this striking reference guide. Filled with photographs and presented in an easy-to-access format, this book takes you on an information-filled journey to the sites of wonder in China, man-made and natural: the Great Wall of China; the Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City, the holy Taoist mountain of Wudang Shan; the sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site of Emei Shan; the massive irrigation project of Dujiangyan; and the elegant classical gardens of Suzhou. A great reference guide for the traveller of the world.
    – The Great Wall: This is one of the greatest engineering projects in human history. Built from the 7th century BC to the 15th century AD, it extends for almost 4000 miles.
    – The Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties: This is the Forbidden City—the largest and best-preserved ancient palatial architectural complex in the world.
    – Classical gardens of Suzhou: Their origin can be dated to the 6th century BC. These spectacular gardens offer beauty and inspiration to visitors from around the globe.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Du Yue, Editor

    • Gao Xirui, Editor

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