Protea: A Guide to Cultivated Species and Varieties

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ISBN-13: 9780824856700
Published: June 2016

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232 pages | 366 color illustrations
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  • The proteas (Proteaceae) are a large and ancient plant family of Gondwana origins with an impressive diversity of flower and form, and an intriguing distribution pattern throughout mainly the Southern Hemisphere. In his spectacular photography, Lewis J. Matthews captures the exceptional beauty and unique characteristics of a broad range of cultivated species and cultivars—some are well known, while others are either new introductions or lesser-known examples that deserve wider cultivation. For inclusion in Protea, Matthews has chosen a comprehensive selection of the best species and varieties, including a large number not previously seen in print. They are certain to inspire readers to grow them in their gardens where climate and soils are suitable.

    After The Protea Book by Matthews was published in 2002, numerous outstanding hybrids were introduced; many with exquisite blooms that are very dramatic. The stunning hybrid leucospermums (“Pins”), bred at the University of Hawai`i Research Station on Maui, are a prime example of the successful work being carried out by plant breeders. In this latest book, a multitude of related species and new varieties are described and illustrated:
    · from the giant king protea of South Africa to the spidery grevilleas of Australia;
    · from the delicious macadamia nut of Queensland to the unusual New Zealand rewarewa (Knightia);
    · from the richly colored New South Wales waratah (Telopea) to the dainty blushing bride (Serruria) of South Africa’s Cape;
    · from the beautiful South American Lomatia ferruginea to subtly colored Australian examples.

    In climates unsuitable for growing proteaceous plants, the flowers are often imported and featured in exotic, long-lasting floral arrangements. Even gardeners who are unable to cultivate these extraordinary plants will be fascinated by their incredible variation of form and color. Whether for the home gardener, commercial flower grower, or nursery professional, this lavishly illustrated volume is a valuable reference tool, providing a fresh look at the world of proteas. Chapters include advice on growing requirements, propagation, uses in garden situations, which ones attract birds, cut-flower production—all facets of protea are covered in this truly extensive guide.

    366 color illustrations
    A Latitude 20 Book published by University of Hawai‘i Press

  • About the Author(s)
    • Lewis J. Matthews, Author

      For decades, Lewis J. Matthews has shared his lifelong passion for proteas with others through his publications and widely acclaimed photography. He spent more than forty-five years growing and marketing proteaceous flowers and plants when he and his wife Kaye ran their well-known retail and mail-order protea nursery in New Zealand. He is the author of four previous books: South African Proteaceae in New Zealand (1983), Proteas of the World (1993), The Protea Growers Handbook (1993), and The Protea Book (2002); and has contributed articles to various magazines on the subject. He and Kaye now live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. His photography can be viewed at
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