Breeding Dendrobium Orchids in Hawaii

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ISBN-13: 9780824821180
Published: August 1999

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176 pages
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  • Dendrobium orchids have been among Hawaii's most popular plants since Dendrobium anosmum, with its hanging pseudobulbs and delightfully fragrant flowers, was introduced from the Philippines in 1896. Four decades later the Islands' first Dendrobium hybrid was registered, and by the 1950s, coinciding with the advent of the University of Hawai'i's orchid research program, Hawaii was established as the center for Dendrobium hybridization. Dendrobiums have since become the single most valuable commercial flower in Hawaii, given their combined use for cut-flowers, leis, and blooming potted plants. Breeding Dendrobium Orchids in Hawaii summarizes for easy reference research on cytogenetics and breeding of dendrobiums conducted over the past 47 years, mainly at the University of Hawai'i.

    A lavishly illustrated section on species important to Hawaii's orchid industry is followed by a description of the origin of many popular hybrids. Throughout, information on cross-breeding, seed propagation, flower color and form, and controlling disease is presented in language readily understood by the layperson. A total of 175 color photographs showcase registered hybrids, cut-flower cultivars, potted plant cultivars, and novelties. The authors share valuable tips on counting Dendrobium orchid chromosomes, germinating seeds, and cloning plants and provide a comprehensive glossary. Breeding Dendrobium Orchids in Hawaii will be an essential reference for anyone associated with orchids-growers, hobbyists, breeders, tissue culture propagators, plant geneticists, and horticultural scientists.

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    • Haruyuki Kamemoto, Author

    • Teresita D. Amore, Author

    • Adelheid R. Kuehnle, Author

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