An Underwater Guide to Indonesia

Hardback: $31.99
ISBN-13: 9780824823689
Published: May 2000

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160 pages
  • About the Book
  • “Too many divers and snorkelers pass their time in a daze, swimming blindly from one big object to the next. They miss out on the myriad beautiful and fascinating small creatures that are there on show for anyone who takes the time to look.”

    The marine life of Indonesia is second to none in terms of both the number of species and diversity of forms. There are more species of fish, coral, and more of almost all marine life groups present in Indonesian waters than in any other country. Here is a colorful and scintillating introduction to an astounding array of marine life that will arouse the interest of marine enthusiasts, divers, and snorkelers alike.

    The guide includes more than 250 magnificent color photographs that explore the wonderous underwater world of the Indonesian archipelago; essential information on the marine life of the Archipelago, from corals to marine reptiles, sea snails to lobsters, bottomhuggers to pufferfishes, starfish to sea slugs; a comprehensive marine life section that will help readers identify each particular species and its habitat.

  • About the Author(s)
    • R. Charles Anderson, Author

      R. Charles Anderson is a professional marine biologist. He is a regular contributor to diving publications. This is his seventh marine life guide book.
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    • An excellent guide
      International Game Fish Association
    • This is the most colorful and spectacular collection of underwater photographs I have ever seen. Most highly recommended for anyone interested in natural history, even if you never plan to dive or snorkel in Indonesia.
      Wildlife Activist
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