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Since its establishment in 1947, the University of Hawai‘i Press has been dedicated to publishing books and journals of exceptional merit. The Press launched with the quarterly, Pacific Science, followed shortly by quarterly Philosophy East and West. Both journals are still in print 70 years later, and today the Press publishes journals in a range of subject areas covering the humanities and social sciences. We welcome the opportunity to add your journal to our publishing program.

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Latest Updates

  • Oceanic Linguistics, vol. 58 no. 2 (2019)

    Oceanic Linguistics OL 58-2

    The new issue of Oceanic Linguistics includes the following scholarly works. Articles The Resurrection of Proto-Philippines Robert Blust Functions of the Subanon mo-Prefix: Evidence from Paradigms and Argument Structure Bryn Hauk The Bilabial-to-Linguolabial Shift in Southern Oceanic: A Subgrouping Diagnostic? John Lynch Jespersen in the Reef Islands: Single versus Bipartite Negation in Äiwoo Giovanni Roversi,…

  • China Review International Vol. 25 No. 1 (2018)

      Volume 25 Number 1 of China Review International begins with one feature review and 23 more reviews of scholarly literature in Chinese Studies. Featured Review: When Fish Were FishChristopher Rea Reviews: Poetic Transformations: Eighteenth-Century Cultural Projects on the Mekong Plains by Claudine Ang (review)Reviewed by Eric Henry Worüber man nicht spricht: Tabus, Schweigen und Redeverbote in…

  • Journal of World History, Vol 31, No. 1 (2020)

    Journal of World History 31-1

    Special Issue Liberal and Illiberal Internationalisms Edited by Philippa Hetherington and Glenda Sluga The twenty-first century is awash with diagnoses of the end of liberal internationalism. In both popular and academic manifestations, declarations of liberal internationalism’s ‘crisis’ tend to assume that the term has a stable meaning that is clearly differentiated from illiberal internationalist variants.…

  • Philosophy East and West Vol. 70, No. 1

    Philosophy East and West cover 70-1

    The first issue of Philosophy East & West's 70th volume includes the following scholarly articles: Articles Spiritual Discipline, Emotions, and Behavior during the Song Dynasty: Zhu Xi’s and Qisong’s Commentaries on the Zhongyong in Comparative PerspectiveDiana Arghirescu Eckhartian Neologisms and the Tathātā Framework: Istic/Isticheit in Conversation with The Awakening of Faith John Becker Dōgen’s “Leaving…