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Published: June 1983
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Published: June 1983

Ponapean-English Dictionary

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  • About the Book
  • The Ponapean-English Dictionary contains approximately 6,750 Ponapean to English entries. Each entry includes a headword, grammatical information, and one or more English definitions. Where appropriate, alternate spellings of headwords, usage labels, phrase and sentence examples, loan source information, and cross-references to related workds are also provided. An English to Ponapean finder list containing approximately 4,200 entries is also included to enable the user to locate key English words used in the definitions in the Ponapean entries.

    Designed to serve as a reference volume for native speakers of the language, particularly for Ponapean educators working in bilingual programs, this work will also be of value to English-speaking students of Ponapean and to scholars of other Pacific languages and cultures.

    This dictionary was prepared as a companion volume to the Ponapean Reference Grammar by the same authors.