Kindle E-Books by John R. K. Clark

Three books by John R. K. Clark are now available for Kindle readers:
Beaches of Oahu
Beaches of O‘ahu, Revised Edition
Completely revised and updated, this edition of Beaches of O‘ahu offers sixty new color photos of the island’s spectacular beaches and coastline by photographer Mike Waggoner, a water safety section, and 22 newly drawn maps locating more than 130 beaches and shoreline parks.

“A must for Hawaii fans.” —Chicago Tribune

Hawai‘i Place Names
Hawai‘i Place Names: Shores, Beaches, and Surf Sites
Clark, the author of the highly regarded “Beaches of Hawai‘i” series, gives us the many captivating stories behind the hundreds of Hawai‘i place names associated with the ocean—the names of shores, beaches, and other sites where people fish, swim, dive, surf, and paddle.

“An awesome amount of work went into gathering the information for the 2,500 entries . . . and Clark deserves a big mahalo.” —Honolulu Advertiser

Guardian of the Sea
Guardian of the Sea: Jizo in Hawaii
Jizo, one of the most beloved Buddhist deities in Japan, is known primarily as the guardian of children and travelers. In coastal areas, fishermen and swimmers also look to him for protection.

“Through Clark’s meticulous documentation, we see the birth of an early culture, some of the more deadly shorelines of our state, an education on Buddhist religion, the art of fishing technique and some useful tips to avoid getting hurt in the water. Ambitious stuff for a book about statues.” —Honolulu Weekly

“John Clark has written a remarkable book about shoreline statues of Jizo, a Buddhist figure dedicated to our protection and enlightenment. Erected by issei, first-generation Japanese Americans, Jizo statues served as guardians of ulua fishermen casting in remote and dangerous coastal areas. John draws on interviews with more than three hundred individuals to document the location of these statues and in the process offers us a glimpse of the daily lives and spirituality of early Japanese Americans. We are indebted to him for making us aware of these Jizo monuments and their role in shaping Hawai‘i’s multicultural heritage.” —Dennis Ogawa, chair, American Studies Department, University of Hawai’i

Revised Edition of Shore Fishes of Hawaii

Shore Fishes of HawaiiFirst published in 1996, this new edition of Shore Fishes of Hawai‘i, by John E. Randall, updates our knowledge of Hawaiian fishes and has been expanded to include 372 species. All are illustrated by the author’s 475 superb photographs. The most important characteristics to identify a fish are given as well as the size attained and its distribution. Each species account begins with the American common name, followed by the Hawaiian name (when known), and the scientific name. Because it is necessary to use some scientific terminology when giving the principal diagnostic characteristics of families or species of fishes and what they eat, a handy glossary appears at the back of the book before the Index.

March 2010 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3427-2 / $19.99 (PAPER)

A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Hawaii

Photographic Guide to the Birds of Hawai‘i
Hawai‘i is home to some of the most beautiful and sought after birds in the world. From the offshore waters, where graceful seabirds glide on the cool, refreshing trade winds, to the lush ancient forests of the mountains, where colorful endemic honeycreepers reside, Hawai‘i’s birds are wonderfully diverse. Introduced species and long-distance migrants contribute to the splendid assortment. Some island bird species are extremely abundant and instantly familiar since we encounter them daily in our outdoor activities. Others are so rare they are glimpsed only once in a lifetime. In these magnificent islands there is something for birders of every sort. Superbly illustrated in color by author Jim Denny and Jack Jeffrey, two of Hawai‘i’s best nature photographers, A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Hawai‘i includes nearly every species of bird on land and at sea in the main Hawaiian Islands.

A Latitude 20 Book
November 2009 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3383-1 / $19.99 (PAPER)

Jim Denny is also the author of The Birds of Kauai.

Small Trees for the Tropical Landscape

Small Trees for the Tropical Landscape, by Fred D. Rauch and Paul R. Weissich, describes and illustrates in full color 129 species and subspecies and 48 named varieties, cultivars, and forms plus 23 hybrids appropriate for the home garden and confined public landscape spaces. The authors have also included a section on “Tailored Small Trees,” large shrubs that are readily transformed into small trees through intelligent, selective pruning. They identify and describe 67 species and subspecies; 40 named varieties, cultivars, and forms; and 21 hybrids that are appropriate for this conversion.

July 2009 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3308-4 / $41.99 (CLOTH)

Also available from the same authors: Plants for Tropical Landscapes: A Gardener’s Guide

UH Press Authors at the 2009 Ka Palapala Award Ceremony

Jon Van Dyke (right) receiving one of three awards for Who Owns the Crown Lands of Hawai‘i?

Carlos Andrade with Maenette Benham, dean of the Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge, UHM

Jon Van Dyke (second from left) and his wife, Sherry Broder, with Divorce with Decency author Brad Coates and his wife, Sachi Braden

For more on the 2009 Ka Palapala Awards, view our 13 May 2009 post below.

Hawaii’s Ferns Now Available in Paperback

Hawai‘i’s Ferns and Fern Alllies, by Daniel D. Palmer, is now available in paperback.

“A long awaited and much requested manual of the Hawaiian pteridophytes. Here, in one volume, is a guide to all of the ferns and fern allies of the Islands that will be welcomed by professionals and amateurs alike. This manual is well researched, detailed and comprehensive. It is an essential addition to the library of all those interested in pteridophytes as well as those interested in Hawaiian plants and in island floras.” —American Fern Journal

September 2008 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3347-3 / $25.00 (PAPER)

Enjoying and Learning about Hawaii’s Sea Turtles

The Book of Honu: Enjoying and Learning about Hawai‘i’s Sea Turtles, by Peter Bennett and Ursula Keuper-Bennett, is the first guide to finding and observing Hawaiian green turtles, or honu. It describes an exciting journey of discovery undertaken by two avid sports divers, Peter Bennett and Ursula Keuper-Bennett, who encountered their first honu twenty years ago while diving off Honokowai, Maui. The Bennetts soon realized that many honu (and green turtles worldwide) were afflicted with debilitating and potentially deadly tumors. They began to document the disease using photographs and videotape and in the process educated themselves about the daily lives of honu. To their surprise, they discovered they were the first to make prolonged observations of a marine turtle population in its natural habitat.

72 color illus.

A Latitude 20 Book
August 2008 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3127-1 / $18.95 (PAPER)

New Edition of Popular Divorce Guide Now Available

Praise for the Second Edition:
“An impressively detailed, insightful, and compassionate guide.” —Honolulu Advertiser
“Jewelry stores should hand this book out with the purchase of every engagement ring.” —Honolulu Magazine

This completely revised and updated third edition of the award-winning
Divorce with Decency: The Complete How-To Handbook and Survivor’s Guide to the Legal, Emotional, Economic, and Social Issues, by Bradley A. Coates, includes the most current research, statistics, and insights on the effects of divorce on spouses, their children, and society overall. Written by a prominent divorce lawyer with more than thirty years of experience, it is the most comprehensive treatment of the legal, emotional, economic, psychological, and social aspects of marital relationships and divorce available anywhere in a single volume.

A Latitude 20 Book
July 2008 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3310-7 / $19.95 (PAPER)