Small Trees for the Tropical Landscape

Small Trees for the Tropical Landscape, by Fred D. Rauch and Paul R. Weissich, describes and illustrates in full color 129 species and subspecies and 48 named varieties, cultivars, and forms plus 23 hybrids appropriate for the home garden and confined public landscape spaces. The authors have also included a section on “Tailored Small Trees,” large shrubs that are readily transformed into small trees through intelligent, selective pruning. They identify and describe 67 species and subspecies; 40 named varieties, cultivars, and forms; and 21 hybrids that are appropriate for this conversion.

July 2009 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3308-4 / $41.99 (CLOTH)

Also available from the same authors: Plants for Tropical Landscapes: A Gardener’s Guide