Review of Japanese Culture and Society, vol. 27 (2015)

Distributed for Jōsai International Center for the Promotion of Art and Science, Jōsai University


The Review of Japanese Culture and Society, volume 27 is a special issue to honor the memory and contributions of Kyoko Selden.

Flute Boy, watercolor by Kyoko Selden.
From the family’s personal collection.

This special issue edited by Alisa Freedman includes many of Kyoko Selden’s finest translations, including some not previously published. They reveal the range and depth of Kyoko’s interests and knowledge. Her interpretations of modern literature, of writings about the atomic bomb, and of fiction and poetry by women writers, are well known—but her translations of the fourteenth-century Taiheiki: The Chronicle of Great Peace and the Tokugawa era Hinin Taiheiki: The Paupers’ Chronicle of Peace, published for the first time in this issue, reveal her sure grasp of the classical canon as well. The power of Kyoko’s translation work, her ability to bring a new text into being, and the subtle creativity of her expression, are hallmarks of her achievements.

1 In Remembrance of Kyoko Selden
Mizuta Noriko, 1

2 Remembering Kyoko Selden
Brett de Bary, 3

3 Introduction to the Special Issue in Honor of Kyoko Selden
Alisa Freedman, 6

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