Hawaiian Journal of History Vol. 52 (2018)

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Figure 1 (from the article “Kalākaua and the British Press: The King’s Visit to Europe, 1881”): Kalākaua in uniform wearing the collar, star, badge, and sash of the Order of St. Michael and St. George awarded to him by Queen Victoria during the king’s world tour in 1881. No Date. Courtesy of Bishop Museum.

From page 40 of the article:

The [Whitehall Review] reporter concluded from his interview with the king that Hawaiʻi under Kalākaua was an extremely highly developed country. Indeed, the writer observed, “I parted from his Majesty with regret, envying his subjects” and “hoping that the king would move to England.”

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Articles from this issue:

Determining the Birth Date of Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III
Ralph Thomas Kam and Ashlie Duarte-Smith

Kalākaua and the British Press: The King’s Visit to Europe, 1881
Douglas V. Askman

A Re-Investigation of the Mystery of Sun Yatsen’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate
Patrick Anderson

The Power Behind the Scenes [enno shitano chikaramochi]: The Activism of Buddhist Women in Hawaiʻi
Kelli Y. Nakamura

Foundations of Influence: YWCA of Honolulu Structures and the Assertion of Moral Authority, 1900-1927
Bruce P. Bottorff

The Palmyra Atoll Digital Archive
Jesse Johnson

Dedication of Kamehameha III, A Sculpture by Thomas Jay Warren
Puakea Nogelmeier, John Clark

Facing the Spears of Change: The Life and Legacy of John Papa ʻĪʻī by Marie Alohalani Brown (review)
Colette Higgins

Death Rites and Hawaiian Royalty: Funerary Practices in the Kamehameha and Kalākaua Dynasties, 1819-1953 by Ralph Thomas Kam (review)
Douglas Askman

The Hawaiian Horse by Dr. Billy Bergin and Dr. Brady Bergin (review)
Matthew Kainoa Wong

Hawaiiana in 2017: A Bibliography of Titles of Historical Interest
Jodie Mattos

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Hawaiian Journal of History
Volume 52

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