Buddhist-Christian Studies Vol. 38

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Figure 2. Bhavacakra, painting on cloth; Nepal, nineteenth to twentieth century. From Massimiliano Alessandro Polichetti’s article The Sorrowful Fates of Rebirth: Ippolito Desideri Encounters Tibetan Sacred Art.

“[T]he bhavacakra (a kind of mental map of the concepts placed at the basis of Buddhist psycho-cosmology, made graphic with small images set in place in a circular manner that represents the “wheel of rebirths”) is set against the “world of becoming,” samsāra devoured by forgetfulness, represented by Yama, the god of the dead in Buddhist cosmology, who holds all within his jowls as a sign of immanent sorrow.”


From the Editors’ Introduction:

October 14–15, 2017, the city of Pistoia in Tuscany hosted an international symposium to honor the legacy of Fr. Ippolito Desideri (1684–1733), the first Jesuit missionary to Tibet who engaged in sustained interreligious dialogue with local Buddhists and whose extraordinary command of the local language even enabled him to author Christian theological treatises in Classical Tibetan.



Ippolito Desideri and His Muslim Guides in the Buddhist Kingdom of Ladakh
by John Bray

Ippolito Desideri: Anthropologist of Modernity
by Nicola Gasbarro

Gleanings from Desideri’s Account Book 1: New Light on Some Episodes of His Life in Tibet
by Michael J. Sweet

Seeing a Friend in the Stranger and the Stranger in the Friend: The Practice of Christian Hospitality through Interreligious Dialogue and Solidarity
by Karen B. Enriquez

Images of Mind, Images of God: Mirror as Metaphor in Chinese Buddhism and Early Mysticism
by Jinai Fan

Emptiness, Bodhisattvas, and Meister Eckhart
by Peter Feldmeier

Oracíon Mental, Mindfulness, and Mental Prayer: The Training of the Heart in the Iberian School of Abbot García de Cisneros of Montserrat and St. Teresa of Avila
by Peter Tyler

Grace, Symbol, and Liturgy: Constructing the Theological Anthropology of Nichiren Daishonin
by Ralph H. Craig III

Pāli Buddhist and Christian Analyses of Gender
by Carol S. Anderson and Rebecca J. Manring

Mindfulness Meditation as a Remedy to “White Ignorance” and Its Consequences
by Wioleta Polinska

…plus 17 more articles, a News and Views section, and 8 Book Reviews.

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About the Journal

Buddhist-Christian Studies is a scholarly journal published annually by University of Hawai‘i Press. It presents research papers, book reviews, and news items on Buddhism and Christianity, their interrelation, and comparative study based on historical materials and contemporary experience.


Annual subscriptions for both individuals and institutions are available here. Individual subscription is also available through membership in the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies (SBCS).


The materials selected for publication will be balanced between historical research and contemporary practice, and, where possible, they should employ analytical and theoretical tools and be set within the framework of our shared human history. More information is available at the journal’s website.

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Buddhist-Christian Studies
Volume 38

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