New Volume in Collected Works of Wonhyo

Wonhyo's Philosophy of MindWonhyo’s Philosophy of Mind, edited by A. Charles Muller and Cuong T. Nguyen, includes four of the great Silla scholiast’s (617–686) works that are especially revelatory of his treatment of the complex flow of ideas in his generation: System of the Two Hindrances (Yijang ui), Treatise on the Ten Ways of Resolving Controversies (Simmun hwajaeng non), Commentary on the Discrimination between the Middle and the Extremes (Chungbyon punbyollon so), and the Critical Discussion on Inference (P’an piryang non).

November 2011 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3573-6 / $45.00 (CLOTH)
The International Association of Wonhyo Studies’ Collected Works of Wonhyo, Volume 2