Curve of the Hook: An Archaeologist in Polynesia (MANOA 28-1)

This issue of MĀNOA (28-1), Curve of the Hook: An Archaeologist in Polynesia is a booklength interview with Dr. Yosihiko Sinoto, known for the astonishing archaeological discoveries that changed our ideas of the ancient Polynesians, their ways of life, and their legendary voyages across the Pacific. Dr. Sinoto’s discoveries included whale-tooth pendants, stone tools and weapons, sacred structures, dwellings, an ancient voyaging canoe, and finely made fishhooks that allowed him and his fellow archaeologists to chart the seafaring routes of early Polynesians.

Now, in Curve of the Hook, we can experience the extraordinary adventures and career of an eminent and celebrated archaeologist in Polynesia. This full-color book includes over 100 illustrations—including unpublished photos from Dr. Sinoto’s private collection—plus notes and a list of references.

Dr. Sinoto in 2014 in his office at Bishop Museum holding a Marquesan-style adze found in Hawai‘i. The kite in the background was given to him by the Japan Kite Association for his role in reviving the sport of kite flying on Huahine, including a competition in 1996 in Maeva Village. The association promotes cultural exchange through kite building and flying. Photograph by Dana Edmunds.

Starting Out in Archaeology

  • Eating Well in Peking
  • A Stopover in Honolulu

Enchanted by Fishhooks

  • Departure from Ka Lae
  • A Trip to Tahiti
  • Island Kinships
  • Searching for Fishhooks on Mo’orea

Crossroads in East Polynesia

  • To the Marquesas Islands
  • Japan, Hawai’i, and Around the South Pacific
  • The Pacific as a Vast Cultural Region
  • Petroglyphs and Oral Traditions

A Great Discovery on Huahine

  • A Canoe Rises from the Mud
  • Inspired by Migratory Birds
  • Maeva, Huahine
  • Andrew Garrett: Artist and Naturalist

Cultural Encounters

  • Kava for the Guests
  • Music and Dance
  • From the Cook Islands to the Austral Islands
  • Tuamotu Islands
  • The Scariest Story
  • Pitcairn, the Wondrous Islands

Easter Island and Polynesia

  • Moai

The Reality of Paradise

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