Asian Perspectives, vol. 55, no. 2 (2016)

From “Aleti Tunu Bibi: Contextualizing a New Rock Art Site in East Timor and the Wider Asia-Pacific Region” in this issue. Calcite veil formed in 2015 over rock paintings in Panel 3 (above); enhanced image using DStretch by Jon Harman, V.7.0, April 2010 ( below). Photo by Jean-Christophe Galipaud 2015.

In the Editors’ Note  Mike T. Carson and Rowan K. Flad write:

The current issue of Asian Perspectives (Volume 55, issue 2) maintains the tradition of keeping readers in touch with new archaeological research findings, approaches, and ideas across the Asia-Pacific region. As always, each work has a geographic focus that refers to substantive datasets from particular places as concrete examples, yet is broadly relevant to research in other regions. Looking into the journal’s future volumes and issues, we invite new manuscripts that emphasize the larger implications of Asian and Pacific archaeological studies beyond geographic boundaries .

This issue of Asian Perspectives also features the following scholarly works:


  • Aleti Tunu Bibi: Contextualizing a New Rock Art Site in East Timor and the Wider Asia-Pacific Region
    Jean-Christophe Galipaud, Rebecca Kinaston, and Dominique Guillaud
  • Mortuary Caves and the Dammar Trade in the Towuti–Routa Region, Sulawesi, in an Island Southeast Asian Context
    David Bulbeck, Fadhila Arifin Aziz, Sue O’Connor, Ambra Calo, Jack N. Fenner, Ben Marwick, Jim Feathers, Rachel Wood, and Dyah Prastiningtyas
  • Settlement Chronologies and Shifting Resource Exploitation in Ka‘ū District, Hawaiian Islands
    Jennifer G. Kahn, Steven P. Lundblad, Peter R. Mills, Yvonne Chan, Ken Longenecker, and Yosihiko Sinoto
  • Turquoise Ornaments and Inlay Technology in Ancient China
    Qin Xiaoli


  • A Tale of Two Giants: Wilhelm G. Solheim II (1924 –2014) and William A. Longacre Jr. (1937–2015)
    P. Bion Griffin
  • Brian Vincent (1938–2016)
    Charles Higham and Glenn Summerhayes

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