The Colors of Dawn: Twentieth-Century Korean Poetry (MANOA 27-2)

Cinnamomum camphora (2012). Watercolor by Hye Woo Shin, featured artist in The Colors of Dawn: Twentieth Century Korean Poetry (MĀNOA 27-2).

This issue of MĀNOA (27-2), The Colors of Dawn: Twentieth Century Korean Poetry features selected works of poetry, curated by guest editors Brother Anthony of Taizé and Chung Eun-Gwi, that speak for the present and foreshadow the nation’s future. Voices from the era of burgeoning modern Korean poetry touch on resistance to Japanese occupation, liberation and the Cold War, dictatorial rule, and democratic renewal from the following poets:

Part One: Poetry of Today

Kim Sunwoo
Jin Eun-Young
Shim Bo-Seon
Hwang Gyu-gwan
Park Seo-yeong
Kim So-yeon
Song Kyung-dong
Kim Ju-Tae
Ra HeeDuk
Lee Yeong-gwang
Kim Sa-in
Choi Jeong-rye
Baek Mu-san
Do Jong Hwan
Ko Hyeong-ryeol
Kim Soo-Bok
Kim Seung-Hee
Lee Seong-bok
Jeong Ho-Seung
Lee Si-Young
Kim Nam-Ju

Part Two: Survivors of War

Shin Dal-ja
Kim Kwang-kyu
Kim Chi-ha
Chonggi Mah
Shin Gyeong-nim
Ko Un

Part Three: Founding Voices

Bak Seong-ryong
Cheon Sang-byeong
Cheon Bong-gon
Pak In-Hwan
Kim Jong-gil
Kim Chun-su
Han Ha-Un
Ku Sang
Yun Dong-ju
Bak Du-jin
Bak Mog-weol
Midang Seo Jeong-ju
Yi Yong-ak
Kim Ki-rim
Yu Chi-hwan
Kim Tong-Hwan
Sim Hun

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