Journal of World History, vol. 26, no. 1 (2015)

Sir Walter Lamb and Zhuang Shangyan (Chuang Shang-yen) checking cases as they arrive at Burlington House. This image is featured in Ilaria Scaglia’s article, “The Aesthetics of Internationalism,” in this new issue of The Journal of World History. © Royal Academy of Arts, London.

The Journal of World History volume 26 number 1 features the following articles by world history scholars:

  • The Repugnant Other: Soldiers, Missionaries, and Aid Workers as Organizational Migrants, by Leo Lucassen and Aniek X. Smit
  • “Town of God”: Ota Benga, the Batetela Boys, and the Promise of Black America, by Karen Sotiropoulos
  • Collective Learning: A Potential Unifying Theme of Human History, by David Baker
  • The Aesthetics of Internationalism: Culture and Politics on Display at the 1935-1936 International Exhibition of Chinese Art, by Ilaria Scaglia
  • Special Forum: The Afterlife of Geoffrey Parker’s Global Crisis, with contributions by Geoffrey Parker, Lauren Benton, Daniel Headrick, Joseph C. Miller, and Carla Gardina Pestana
  • Book Reviews

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