Top Downloaded Articles of 2018

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As we head into the new year, we look back on the journal issues published in 2018. Today we’re sharing the 10 most frequently downloaded articles on Project MUSE. Check them out at the links below and sign up for email alerts for new issues in the new year.

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The British Empire and the Suppression of the Slave Trade to Brazil: A Global History Analysis by Tâmis Parron

Beyond Paradise? Retelling Pacific Stories in Disney’s Moana by A Mārata Ketekiri Tamaira and Dionne Fonoti

No-Self in Sāṃkhya: A Comparative Look at Classical Sāṃkhya and Theravāda Buddhism by Douglas Osto

A Chinese Way of Thinking by Mark Gamsa

“Living Other-Wise”: The Bushmen Farming Network as an Example of “Alter-Native” Counter Practices to Agriculture and Development by Michael Spann 

Hegel and Islam by M.A.R. Habib

“What Now, Fishgate?”: Scandal, Marae Moana, and Nation Making in the Cook Islands by Trevor J Durbin

Whose Paradise? Encounter, Exchange, and Exploitation by Kalissa Alexeyeff and Siobhan McDonnell

Logos and Dao Revisited: A Non-Metaphysical Interpretation by Steven Burik

The Rise of Modern Science: Islam and the West by Maisarah Hasbullah and Mohd Hazim Shah Abdul Murad

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