One of 2008’s Most Memorable Books

Who Owns the Crown Lands of Hawai‘i, Jon Van Dyke’s history of ceded lands following the 1846–1848 Mahele, is one of the “Most Memorable Books of 2008,” according to the Honolulu Advertiser’s Christine Thomas:

“In support of his assertion that ‘Crown Lands should once again be managed by and for the Native Hawaiian People,’ Van Dyke details their intricate history and legal status, laying a remarkably clear and completely captivating path of understanding. He effortlessly navigates such complex intersections as Hawaiian concepts of land tenure and smartly steers past such disputes as the role of ali’i in a new Hawaiian Nation to elucidate and persuasively affirm the Crown Lands’ unique status so they can be more effectively restored to their intended purpose and beneficiaries.”