New Title in the Oceanic Linguistics Special Publication Series

A Dictionary of Mah MeriMah Meri is an Aslian (Austroasiatic: Mon-Khmer) language spoken in scattered settlements along a section of the southwest coast of Selangor in Peninsular Malaysia. The Mah Meri are the only Aslian speakers who live in a coastal environment. Their language, which may have about 2,000 speakers, has no written language and is highly endangered.

A Dictionary of Mah Meri as Spoken at Bukit Bangkong, by Nicole Kruspe, is the first comprehensive dictionary of the language and is based on the author’s extensive field research and consultation with members of the community over the last ten years. The dialect presented here is spoken by about 600 people at Bukit Bangkong, the most southerly Mah Meri settlement. The dictionary contains around 4,000 entries, each with a phonetic transcription and translations in both English and Malay.

July 2010 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3493-7 / $40.00 (PAPER)
Oceanic Linguistics Special Publication #36