China Review International, vol. 21, no 1 (2014)

China Review International, vol. 21, no. 1, includes the following works:


A Reconsideration of the Homoerotic in Ming-Qing Texts (reviewing Giovanni Vitiello, The Libertine’s Friend: Homosexuality and Masculinity in Late Imperial China)
Reviewed by Robert Hegel

Ideology and Politics at Top and Bottom: Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Cultural Revolution (reviewing Andrew Walder, China under Mao: A Revolution Derailed; Yiching Wu, The Cultural Revolution at the Margins: Chinese Socialism in Crisis)
Reviewed by Liu Kang

Rediscovering an Extraordinary Woman: A Reinterpretation of the Late Qing Reforms (reviewing Nanxiu Qian, Politics, Poetics, and Gender in Late Qing China: Xue Shaohui and the Era of Reform)
Reviewed by Yanning Wang


Roger Ames and Takahiro Nakajima, editors, Zhuangzi and the Happy Fish
Reviewed by Guo Chen

Jeremy Brown, City versus Countryside in Mao’s China: Negotiating the Divide
Reviewed by Kristen E. Looney

Marco Polo, The Travels (translation by Nigel Cliff)
Reviewed by Stephen G. Haw

… and many more reviews

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