Asian Theatre Journal, vol. 33, no. 2 (2016)

The yueju production of The Good Person of Jiangnan presents the Haipai culture style, with its elaborate costumes and magnificent sets and props. (Photo: Zhejiang Xiao Baihua Yueju Company)

The fall 2016 edition of the Asian Theatre Journal includes the following works:


Celebration of Life for James R. Brandon by Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak

Asep Sunandar Sunarya: Dalang of Wayang Golek Sunda (1955–2014) by Arthur S. Nalan


Timizi nu in (The Bond of Water in Hands): An Early Modern Ryūkyūan Kumi Odori, as Staged by the National Theatre Okinawa by James Rhys Edwards and Nakazato Masao

James R. Brandon’s kabuki extravaganza Narukami the Thundergod, University of Hawai‘i (1987). Strongman Goto Mototeru (Mike Hase) confronts Narukami the Thundergod (Steve D. Wagenseller) in the finale. (Photo: James R. Brandon)


Authenticity and Usability, or “Welding the Unweldable”: Meyerhold’s Refraction of Japanese Theatre  by Min Tian

S. I. Hsiung: New Discourse and Drama in Early Modern Chinese Theatrical Exchange  by Weihong Du

Korean Trojan Women: Performing Wartime Sexual Violence by Elizabeth W. Son


Reorienting the Gaze in Mei Lanfang’s Lyrical Theatre: Performing Female Interiority by Sophia Tingting Zhao

Adapting Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan: Innovative Chuanju and Yueju in China’s Transition by Wei Zhang

Plus performance reports and reviews; founders of the field; and book reviews covering Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, and transnational works.

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