AWP 2019: Join Manoa and The Contemporary Pacific for Translation Panel

The Contemporary Pacific and Manoa at AWP 2019Two journals celebrate their 30th anniversary this yearMĀNOA and The Contemporary Pacific—and join together for two great events at the 2019 Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Conference in Portland, OR.

The conference brings together more than 12,000 attendees over four days. Mark March 29, 2019 on your calendars to catch these panel discussions. 

MĀNOA and The Contemporary Pacific: A Thirty-year Celebration

Panelists: Frank Stewart, Alex Mawyer, Noah Perales-Estoesta, Pat Matsueda, Robert Shapard

MĀNOA and The Contemporary Pacific have published literature from Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas since 1989. They have influenced Americans’ awareness of international writing and promoted minority languages and communities of the Pacific hemisphere.

Panelists will talk about introducing readers to thousands of authors and translators, representing familiar and unfamiliar Pacific and Asian languages, including Tibetan, Nepali, Nuosu, Native Hawaiian, Tahitian, Khmer, and Uchinaaguchi.

Translating from Non-European and Overlooked Languages

Panelists: Frank Stewart, Alex Mawyer, Leza Lowitz, Sharon May, Tony Barnstone

World literature can’t be understood without translations from other than the “major” languages and countries. But translating from outside the mainstream poses challenges: applying Western valuation to non-Western work; imposing context on unfamiliar literary and cultural ideas. The dearth of American and global markets for such translations adds further challenges. Translators of Asia-Pacific languages join with editors of international journals to talk about publishing translations.

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