Understanding Islam in Indonesia

Understanding IslamThere are more Muslims in Indonesia than in any other country, but most people outside the region know little about the nation, much less about the practice of Islam among its diverse peoples or the religion’s influence on the politics of the republic. In Understanding Islam in Indonesia: Politics and Diversity, Robert Pringle explains the advent of Islam in Indonesia, its development, and especially its contemporary circumstances. The author’s incisive writing provides the necessary background and demystifies the spectrum of politically active Muslim groups in Indonesia today.

“This is not only a comprehensive, well-balanced, and very informative account of past and present developments in Islam in Indonesia but also by far the most readable.” —Jamie Mackie, emeritus professor and visiting fellow in the Indonesia Project, Australian National University

April 2010 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3415-9 / $22.00 (PAPER)