Tourism and Tourism Policy Planning in Hawaii

Developing a Dream Destination: Tourism and Tourism Policy Planning in Hawai‘i, by James Mak, is an interpretive history of tourism and tourism policy development in Hawai‘i from the 1960s to the twenty-first century. Part 1 looks at the many changes in tourism since statehood (1959) and tourism’s imprint on Hawai‘i. Part 2 reviews the development of public policy toward tourism, beginning with a story of the planning process that started around 1970—a full decade before the first comprehensive State Tourism Plan was crafted and implemented.

“I consider this to be ‘hands down’ the best book that I’ve read on the policy process of tourism development. It will become mandatory reading for any serious student of tourism and tourism development. It should be mandatory reading for planners and policy makers in areas developing their tourism industry. My congratulations to Professor Mak both for the level and quality of research and for the insights into the processes of tourism development.” —Richard R. Perdue, editor, Journal of Travel Research, and board chair of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism

March 2008 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3243-8 / $25.00 (PAPER)