Remembering the Kanji App Now at iTunes

KLEAR AppRemembering the Kanji, a new flashcard and review app, complements the bestselling kanji texts Remembering the Kanji 1 and Remembering the Kanji 2, by James W. Heisig. Review more than 2,000 kanji anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. The customizable, easy-to-use app is $9.99 at the iTunes Store.

Here are a few of the app’s noteworthy features:
—Create your own study lists and generate flashcards for review;
—Save notes on your own imaginative mnemonic stories for each kanji;
—Learn the stroke order of each kanji with animated diagrams;
—Learn the pronunciations of each kanji in Remembering the Kanji 1 and 2 and learn the readings of kanji combination words (jukugo);
—Look up the meaning of primitive elements quickly;
—Look up kanji by stroke number;
—Search for key words and find the kanji you want in an instant.