Philosophy East and West, vol. 66, no. 4 (2016)

This quarter’s journal of comparative Eastern and Western philosophies includes the following scholarly works:

Special Feature: Li Zehou on Michael Sandel

On Li Zehou’s Philosophy: An Introduction by Three Translators
by Paul J. D’Ambrosio, Robert A. Carleo III, and Andrew Lambert

A Response to Michael Sandel and Other Matters
by Li Zehou, translated by Paul J. D’Ambrosio and Robert A. Carleo III


Wittgenstein and the Analects on the Ethics of Clarification
by Thomas D. Carroll

Evaluative Desire (Yu 欲) in the Mencius
by Sin Yee Chan

Re-exploring Wang Yangming’s Theory of Liangzhi: Translation, Transliteration, and Interpretation
by Tzu-li Chang

Persons as Weakly Emergent: An Alternative Reading of Vasubandhu’s Ontology of Personsy
by Itsuki Hayashi

Interdependence and Nonduality: On the Linguistic Strategy of the
Platform Sūtra
by Chien-hsing Ho

Creation and Causality in Chinese-Jesuit Polemical Literature
by Charles B. Jones

Buddhist Reductionism, Fictionalism about the Self, and Buddhist
by Andrea Sauchelli

On Nāgārjuna’s Ontological and Semantic Paradox
by Koji Tanaka

Philosophical Reflections on the “Fish Happiness” Anecdote
by Kirill O. Thompson

Intellect and Will in Zhu Xi and Meister Eckhart
by Shuhong Zheng

Plus a comment and discussion section and book reviews.

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