Manoa, vol. 20, no. 2 (2008): Enduring War

Enduring War coverPresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Enduring War: Stories of What We’ve Learned

Edited by Frank Stewart

The stories, essays, and poems in this volume render the effects of war in our time and the shadows they cast, from the Pacific campaigns of World War II to genocide under the Khmer Rouge to hostilities in the Middle East. Soldiers, however, are not in the foreground in most of these works. More often, the writers depict war as a destructive force on the lives of children, women, and other civilians, and capture the lasting, complex ways in which innocent individuals and communities are harmed.

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Editor’s Note, vii


Winterswijk, 1
Chester Aaron

The Story That Got Away, 45
Shahaduz Zaman

from The Gray Earth, 51
Galsan Tschinag

Last Song of Saravat, 69
Sharon May

The Scent of Thyme, 99
Chester Aaron

Heartless Willy, 119
Leo Litwak

Whisper Yet, 137
Ch’oe Yun


On Being Unfree: Fences, Roadblocks, and the Iron Cage of Palestine, 13
David Shulman

Back to the World, 33
Vladislav Bajac

The Grim Reaper, Agrotherapy, Kokopelli, and Pinochet’s Darkness, 87
Shepherd Bliss


First War, 12
Shmu’el HaNagid

News That Stays, 42
Peter Cole

My Pacific War on the Hidaka Plain, 67
Yumiko Tsumura

What Did I Learn in the Wars, 97
Yehuda Amichai

Four Poems, 109
Ayukawa Nobuo

Five Poems, 132
Tamura Ryuichi

Jerusalem, 160
Naomi Shihab Nye

About the Contributors, 163