Manoa, vol. 15, no. 1 (2003): Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising cover imagePresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Mercury Rising: New poetry from Taiwan.

Guest-edited by Arthur Sze and Michelle Yeh.

Also includes a photographic portfolio by Sergio Goes depicting “The Mythology of Angels,” a performance by the Iona Contemporary Dance Theatre.

Editor’s Note, ix



The Legend, 1
Chu Van

The End of a Season of Beauty, 7
Nguyen Ngoc Tu

Starting Out, 109
Phan Trieu Hai

Thuong, 113
Phan Thi Vang Anh

Three Stories, 119
Kurahashi Yumiko

The Cargo, 170
Anthony L. Tan


Frontier Perspectives: Yang Mu, Ya Xian, and Luo Fu, 27
Arthur Sze and Michelle Yeh

Defying Time and History: Ricardo Pau-Llosa, 141
Alberto Milián

Portfolio of Photographs

Iona Contemporary Dance Theatre, 77
Sergio Goes


Ka-Shue (Letters Home), 46
Lynda Chanwai-Earle


Four Poems, 13
Xu Huizhi

Three Poems, 15
Hung Hung

Three Poems, 17
Chen Kehua

Three Poems, 20
Luo Zhicheng

Fallen Leaves, 37
Yang Mu

from The Salmon’s Encounter with Death, 40
Luo Fu

from Cat’s Eye in a Splintered Mirror, 70
Xue Di

Three Poems, 73
Stephan Torre

Still Center, 76
Pat Matsueda

Three Poems, 93
Luo Ying

Five Poems, 97
Liu Kexiang

Three Poems, 101
Ling Yu

Three Poems, 106
Wu Sheng

Four Poems, 130

Two Poems, 133
Li Jinwen

Three Poems, 136
Walis Nokan

Three Poems, 139
Jian Zhengzhen

Immigrant Parable, 152
Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Four Poems, 154
Chen Li

Three Poems, 158
Hsia Yu

Six Poems, 161
Shang Qin

Four Poems, 165
Du Shisan

Translations from the Akkadian, 168
Nick Bozanic

Reviews (Bottom section of page), 181

About the Contributors, 198