Manoa, vol. 13, no. 2 (2001): Secret Places

Secret Places cover imagePresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Secret Places: New writing from Nepal

Guest-edited by Samrat Upadhyay and Manjushree Thapa. Includes Samrat Upadhyay’s essay “A Kingdom Orphaned” about the effects of the massacre of the royal family on the country and its people.

To read reviews of Upadhyay’s book Arresting God in Kathmandu visit the NY Times, the SF Chronicle, and

Editor’s Note, vii



Reaching One’s Own People, Reaching the World, 67
Manjushree Thapa

A Kingdom Orphaned, 48
Samrat Upadhyay

Specimens of Families, 169
YU Miri


Mohan Koirala Facing Questions, 74
Govinda Bartaman


Ghale’s Fugitive Wife, 1
Peter J. Karthak

Pashupati Hotel, 17
Narayan Dhakal

Trap, 23
Maya Thakuri

The Worry Stone, 38
Catherine Ryan Hyde

Mr. Oh, 61
Jeong Mee Kim

A Corpse, a Statue, and a Thousand Buddhas, 93
Ramesh Vikal

A Swarm of Bees Fluttering, 101

Chhinar, 117
Sanat Regmi

The Weather Will Be Clear Today and Tomorrow, 124
Manu Brajaki

The Scream, 128
Dhruba Sapkota

Grandchild’s Father, 133
Sharon May Brown

The Yeren, 138

Russian Names, 150
Kesang Tseten

Presence, 156
Monica Wood

Dead City, 176
Fukunaga Takehiko


Three Poems, 30
Gu Cheng

Two Poems, 33
Martha Zweig

Two Poems, 35
Bill Tremblay

House of Sharing, 51
Ishle Park

Two Poems, 55
Manju Kanchuli

from Water Is Water, 58
Purna Bahadur Vaidya

Two Poems, 84

Two Poems, 87
Shailendra Sakar

Two Poems, 89

Three Poems, 112
Linda Gregg

Two Poems, 114
Robert Wrigley

Three Poems, 153
Arthur Sze

Reviews (bottom portion of page), 200

About the Contributors, 215