Buddhist-Christian Studies, vol. 21 (2001)

In Memoriam: Wilfred Cantwell Smith
In Memoriam: Winston L. King

In two papers from the 1999 International Buddhist-Christian Theological Encounter Group, David Lochhead and Michio T. Shinozaki write about violence and peace from Christian and Buddhist perspectives.

Monotheistic Violence, p. 3
David Lochhead

Peace and Nonviolence from a Mahayana Buddhist Perspective: Nikkyo Niwano’s Thought, p. 13
Michio T. Shinozaki

Can Christians use Buddhist spiritual practices with integrity? If so, how? What might Buddhists respond to that? Five Christians and two Buddhists address the issues.

How I, a Christian, Have Learned from Buddhist Practice, or “The Frog Sat on the Lily Pad … Not Waiting,” p. 33
Frances S. Adeney

What I Know and Don’t Know: A Christian Reflects on Buddhist Practice, p. 37
Mary Frohlich

On the Practice of Faith: A Lutheran’s Interior Dialogue with Buddhism, p. 43
Paul O. Ingram

Readiness: Preparing for the Path, p. 51
Terry C. Muck

In Contrast to Sentimentality: Buddhist and Christian Sobriety, p. 57
Bardwell Smith

A Buddhist Reflects (Practices Reflection) on Some Christians’ Reflections on Buddhist Practices, p. 63
Grace Burford

Christian Experiences with Buddhist Spirituality: A Response, p. 69
Robert Thurman


Review Essay: Buddhists Talk About Jesus, Christians Talk About the Buddha, p. 75
Paul O. Ingram

The Distinction between ego (e) and ego-Self (e/S): Notes on Religious Practice Based upon Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, p. 95
Yagi Seiichi

Edited by Harry L. Wells

The 2000 Meeting of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, p. 103
Edward L. Shirley

Sixth International Conference of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, p. 107
John Berthrong

Seventh International Buddhist-Christian Conference, p. 109
David W. Chappell

Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, p. 113
Paul Swanson

The Earth Charter: Buddhist and Christian Approaches, p. 115
Bill Aiken

The Lotus Sutra and Process Philosophy, p. 119
Philip E. Devenish

International Buddhist-Christian Theological Encounter Group, p. 123
John Berthrong

Edited by Alice A. Keefe

Sulak Sivaraksa on Sallie King and Paul Ingram (eds.), The Sound of Liberating Truth: Buddhist-Christian Dialogues in Honor of Frederick J. Streng, p. 129

Catherine Cornille on James L. Fredericks, Faith Among Faiths: Christian Theology and Non-Christian Religions, p. 130

Robert Branch on Charles B. Jones, Buddhism in Taiwan: Religion and the State, 1660-1990, p. 133

Grace G. Burford on Rita M. Gross, Soaring and Settling: Buddhist Perspectives on Contemporary Social and Religious Issues, p. 135

John May on Armin Münch, Dimensionen der Lehre: Gott als Nichts und Nichts als Gott im Christlichbuddistischen Dialog, p. 139

Judith L. Poxon on Douglas Allen (ed.), Culture and Self: Philosophical and Religious Perspectives, East and West, p. 140

Frank M. Tedesco on Thinley Norbu, Welcoming Flowers from Across the Cleansed Threshold of Hope: An Answer to the Pope’s Criticism of Buddhism, p. 144

Joseph S. O’Leary on Dale S. Wright, Philosophical Meditations on Zen Buddhism, p. 147

David R. Loy on Ron Leifer, The Happiness Project: Transforming the Three Poisons that Cause the Suffering We Inflict on Ourselves and Others, p. 151

Kenneth Kraft on David W. Chappell (ed.), Buddhist Peacework: Creating Cultures of Peace, p. 155

Amos Yong on Jacques Dupuis, Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism, p. 157

Sybille Fritsch-Oppermann, on Werner Schüssler, “Was uns Unbedingt Angeht”: Studien zur Theologie und Philosophie Paul Tillich, p. 161

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