Manoa, vol. 11, no. 2 (1999): The Wounded Season

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The Wounded Season cover imagePresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

The Wounded Season: New Writing from Korea

Guest-edited by Susie Jie Young Kim

This issue includes a selection of Korean stories that focus on the power of memory and history in post-war Korea. Among the authors featured are Yi Ch’ongjun, Im Cheol Woo, Choi In Hoon, Kong Sonok.

Editor’s Note


Roy Underwwater, 7
Robin Hemley

Kyongbok Palace: History, Controversy, Geomancy, 23
Min Soo Kang

Remembering Trauma: History and Counter-Memories in Korean Literature, 42
Susie Jie Young Kim

Dr. Nice Day, 149
Maria M. Hummel


The Poem behind the Poem: Literary Translation As American Poetry, 66
John Balaban, Sam Hamill, Susie Jie Young Kim, W.S. Merwin, Hiroaki Sato, Andrew Schelling, and Arthur Sze respond to Tony Barnstone


The Ghost, 1
Ly Lan

The End of the State Highway, 15
Choi In Hoon

Spring Day, 48
Im Cheol Woo

The Wounded, 128
Yi Ch’ongjun

Parched Season, 160
Kong Sonok

The Expression, 180
Mario Benedetti

An Assailant’s Face, 181
Yi Ch’ongjun


1956, 13
George Kalamaras

Two Poems, 21
Robert Hill Long

Three Poems, 40

Delft/Miami, 64
Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Purgatorio: Canto XXXIII, 122
Dante Alighieri

Reviews, 199

About the Contributors, 218