#LookItUP: UH Press Journals Making an Impact


In observance of the University Press Week, which is a call for university presses to reiterate their contributions to society at large, we’ve compiled a list of scholarship published by University of Hawai`i Press journals in the past year.

Since the November 2016 U.S. election, politicians, celebrities, activist groups, and the media have filled our feeds with a number of hot-button topics that have caused heated conversations, confusion, criticism, and an influx of “alternative facts” affecting the very condition of American civility and intellectual debate.

The scholarly publishing community has not been immune to these influences, yet it strives to keep discussions alive and relevant with supporting evidence through the process of peer-review, historical analysis, and fact-finding research.

We’ve broken down some of these hot topics into five categories in an effort to highlight the best research in reaction to or reflective of or simply apart from the current political climate in America and its ripple effects abroad:

  1. U.S. Policy, Economics, and International Relations
  2. Free Speech and the Media
  3. Minority Voices
  4. Religion and Politics
  5. Climate Change and Natural Disasters

We will present these in five installments across University Press Week (November 6-11, 2017). Our hope is that these will shed new light to how UH Press “sells the facts,” so to speak, and to the value our 24 journals bring to our very existence.

All we ask, dear reader, is that you follow the lead our Association of American University Presses (AAUP) colleagues have chosen for our theme and #LookItUP. Links to each journal and article will be provided with our UP Week blog posts for your reference, including free content whenever it’s available.*

*Institutional access to online aggregators such as Project MUSE may be required for full-text reading. For access questions, please see the Project MUSE FAQ available here or contact your local library.

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