Buddhist-Christian Studies, Vol. 37 (2017)

Accompanying volume 37 of Buddhist-Christian Studies is a free online interview with the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies Frederick J. Streng Award winner:

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This issue also opens with a section of four articles, calling upon Buddhist and Christian scholars to answer, “What Is Wrong with Us? What Is Wrong with the World?” An excerpt from the introduction:

Christianity and Buddhism, in diverse ways, assert a fundamental flaw in the human condition expressed by terms like “sin” or “delusion”—a flaw that we are largely unconscious of, which prevents us from noticing the extent to which we ourselves as individuals and societies contribute to the harms we see around us. In what ways are Christian or Buddhist diagnoses of a basic human flaw critical for understanding the causality of current world problems, such as growing social and economic inequalities, religious animosities, racism, environmental degradation, and violence? Can any of these problems be addressed without adequate consideration of such traditional diagnoses? If not, what specific Christian or Buddhist understandings of the human condition need to be raised up today to shed light on such problems? How might Buddhist and Christian perspectives challenge or complement each other? And how might these traditional perspectives on the human condition undergo reinterpretation when relating them to current problems?

The following sections of articles also appear in volume 37 (2017):

  • Thomas Merton and Interreligious Dialogue (5 articles)
  • Conversations Across Interreligious Boundaries: Spirituality, Theology, and Interculturation (7 articles)
  • Engaged Buddhism and Christianity (2 articles)

Plus society News and Reviews and Book Reviews.

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00_BCS 37_c1 and c4_REVAbout the Journal

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