Language Documentation & Conservation, vol. 10 (2016)

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The latest edition of the National Foreign Language Resource Center’s free and open-access journal Language Documentation & Conservation volume 10 contains the following scholarly works:


Chirila: Contemporary and Historical Resources for the Indigenous Languages of Australia Claire Bowern, 1

Language Acquisition and Language Revitalization William O’Grady & Ryoko Hattori, 45

Fieldwork Game Play: Masterminding Evidentiality in Desano Wilson Silva & Scott AnderBois, 58

Worlds of knowledge in Central Bhutan: Documentation of ’Olekha Gwendolyn Hyslop, 77

A discourse-based approach to the language documentation of local ecological knowledge Emerson Lopez Odango, 107

Book Reviews

Am Faclair Beag Online Gaelic-English Dictionary by Michael Bauer & William Robertson, reviewed by Colleen Patton, 155

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About the Journal

Language Documentation & Conservation is a free open-access journal on issues related to language documentation and revitalization.


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