JSEALS Special Publication No. 1: Issues in Austronesian Historical Linguistics (2017)

Cover photo courtesy of Alexander Smith

Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society has released Special Publication No. 1: Issues in Austronesian Historical Linguistics. Editor-in-Chief Mark J. Alves writes in the introduction,

This is the first JSEALS special publication since JSEALS became a University of Hawai‘i Press publication as of January 2017. The goal of JSEALS special publications is to share collections of linguistics articles, such as select papers from conferences or other special research agendas, as well as to offer a way for linguistic researchers in the greater Southeast Asian region to publish monograph-length works. In this instance, Hsiu-chuan Liao, the primary editor of this publication, requested that papers from the 2015 13-ICAL meeting be published through JSEALS, which we were able to complete in a timely manner. The five papers include works by prominent names in the field of Austronesian historical linguistics.


Mora, Vowel Length, and Diachrony: the Case of Arta, a Philippine Negrito Language by Yukinori Kimoto

Re-evaluating the Position of Iraya Among Philippine Languages by Lawrence A. Reid

Reconstructing Proto Kenyah Pronouns and the Development of a True Five Number System by Alexander D. Smith

Linguistic Evidence for Prehistory: Oceanic Examples by Malcolm Ross

Classifying Old Rapa: Linguistic Evidence for Contact Networks in Southeast Polynesia by Mary Walworth

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