Journal of Korean Religions, vol. 7, no. 2 (2016)

Journal of Korean Religions vol. 7, no. 1 , Urban Aspirations in Seoul, features the following articles by scholars:

Special Issue: Urban Aspirations in Seoul

Jin-Heon Jung and Peter van der Veer, Guest Editors

This special issue invites readers to examine dynamic religious aspirations in the urban contexts of South Korea. Focusing on religious practices, adaptations, and material constructions in the making of Seoul, these articles contribute to the growing scholarly discussion on the relationship between the urban and the religious/sacred in the context of Asian cities and beyond (e.g., van der Veer 2015, Goh and van der Veer 2016). This special issue is the culmination of an interdisciplinary research team—the Seoul Lab—which contributed to the larger comparative urban research project of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity undertaken in Mumbai, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Special issue articles include:

  • Engaged Buddhism for the Curative Self among Young Jungto Buddhist Practitioners in South Korea
    by Hyun Mee Kim and Si Hyun Choi
  • Ummah in Seoul: The Creation of Symbolic Spaces in the Islamic Central Masjid of Seoul
    by Doyoung Song
  • The Politics of Officially Recognizing Religions and the Expansion of Urban ‘‘Social Work’’ in Colonial Korea
    by Michael Kim
  • Punching Korean Protestantism: Challenging from within through a Televised Theological Roundtable
    by Seung Min Hong
  • The Religious-Political Aspirations of North Korean Migrants and Protestant Churches in Seoul
    by Jin-Heon Jung

Religious Thinkers of Modern Korea

  • Ham Sŏkhŏn and the Rise of the Dynamistic Philosophy of History in Korea
    by Halla Kim

Book Reviews

  • Korean Popular Beliefs. Yong Bhum Yi, Kyung Yup Lee, Jong Seong Choi, and Boudewijn Walraven.
    reviewed by Dong Kyu Kim
  • God Pictures in Korean Contexts: The Ownership and Meaning of Shaman Paintings. Laurel Kendall, Jongsung Yang, and Yul Soo Yoon.
    reviewed by Boudewijn Walraven
  • Chugŭm ŭl nŏmŏsŏ: sun’gyoja Yi Suni ŭi okchung p’yŏnji [Beyond death: the prison letters of martyr Yi Suni]. Chŏng Pyŏngsŏl.
    reviewed by Deberniere Torrey

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