Conservation of Pacific Sea Turtles

Conservation of Pacific Sea TurtlesHistorically efforts to conserve Pacific sea turtles have focused on nesting sites to protect eggs and breeding females; mortality from coastal and highseas fisheries was not addressed. In the past five years, recovery has widened to include rigorously curtailing fishing and technological fixes that lower rates of incidental sea turtle deaths during fishing. Although each of these approaches shows promise, it has become increasingly clear that they alone will not recover severely depleted populations. Recognizing the urgency of the problem, Conservation of Pacific Sea Turtles, edited by Peter Dutton, Dale Squires, and Mahfuzuddin Ahmed, presents ideas and case studies by conservation biologists, economists, marine life policy experts, fishing industry and fisheries professionals, management specialists, and development assistance researchers.

July 2011 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3407-4 / $55.00 (CLOTH)