China Review International, vol. 9, no. 2 (2002)

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The Political Meaning of Friendship: Reviewing the Life and Times of Two of China’s American Friends (reviewing Sidney Rittenberg, Sr., and Amanda Bennett, The Man Who Stayed Behind; Sidney Shapiro, I Chose China: The Metamorphosis of a Country and a Man; Sidney Shapiro, Wo de Zhongguo [My China])
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Brady, 307

David S. G. Goodman, Social and Political Change in Revolutionary China: The Taihang Base Area in the War of Resistance to Japan, 1937–1945
Reviewed by Odoric Y.K. Wou, 320

Prized Pulp Fiction: Hand-copied Literature from the Cultural Revolution (reviewing Zhang Baorui, Yizhi xiuhuaxie (One embroidered shoe); Bai Shihong, editor, Anliu (Undercurrents); Kuang Haowen, Yishuang xiuhuaxie (A pair of embroidered shoes); Zhang Baorui, Luohua meng (Dream of falling flowers); Dai Mi, Shaonü zhi xin (Heart of a young girl); Dai Mi, Manna huiyilu (Manna’s memoirs)
Reviewed by Inge Nielsen, 344


Tomoko Akami, Internationalizing the Pacific: The United States, Japan and the Institute of Pacific Relations in War and Peace, 1919–45
Reviewed by Lawrence T. Woods, 357

Greg Austin and Stuart Harris, Japan and Greater China: Political Economy and Military Power in the Asian Century
Reviewed by Marie Söderberg, 359

Gregor Benton, New Fourth Army: Communist Resistance along the Yangtze and the Huai, 1938–1941
Reviewed by Jianyue Chen, 362

Zhiyue Bo, Chinese Provincial Leaders: Economic Performance and Political Mobility since 1949
Reviewed by Robert E. Gamer, 366

Barbara J. Brooks, Japan’s Imperial Diplomacy: Consuls, Treaty Ports, and War in China, 1895–1938
Reviewed by Donald A. Jordan, 371

Chen Jian, Mao’s China and the Cold War
Reviewed by Xiaobing Li, 374

Xiaomei Chen, Acting the Right Part: Political Theater and Popular Drama in Contemporary China
Reviewed by Claire Conceison, 377
Cheng Siwei, Studies on Economic Reforms and Development in China
Reviewed by Frank C. Jen, 380

Nicholas R. Clifford, “A Truthful Impression of the Country”: British and American Travel Writing in China, 1880–1949
Reviewed by Frances Wood, 391

Mark Csikszentmihalyi and Philip J. Ivanhoe, editors, Religious and Philosophical Aspects of the Laozi
Reviewed by Tze-ki Hon, 394

Edward L. Davis, Society and the Supernatural in Song China
Reviewed by Peter Ditmanson, 397

Jane E. Elliott, Some Did It for Civilisation; Some Did It for Their Country: A Revised View of the Boxer War
Reviewed by Klaus Mühlhahn, 402

Mark C. Elliott, The Manchu Way: The Eight Banners and Ethnic Identity in Late Imperial China
Reviewed by Jane Kate Leonard, 405

David Faure and Tao Tao Liu, editors, Town and Country in China: Identity and Perception
Reviewed by Susan D. Blum, 411

Edmund S. K. Fung, In Search of Chinese Democracy: Civil Opposition in Nationalist China, 1929–1949
Reviewed by Joseph W. Esherick, 416

Sandra Gillespie, South-South Transfer: A Study of Sino-African Exchanges
Reviewed by James Gao, 419

Paul Rakita Goldin, The Culture of Sex in Ancient China
Reviewed by Jens Damm, 423

Guo Yi, Guodian zhujian yu xian-Qin xueshu sixiang (The Guodian bamboo manuscripts and pre-Qin academic thought)
Reviewed by Masayuki Sato, 427

Dongping Han, The Unknown Cultural Revolution: Educational Reforms and Their Impact on China’s Rural Development
Reviewed by C. Montgomery Broaded, 434

Stevan Harrell, Ways of Being Ethnic in Southwest China
Reviewed by Sara Davis, 436

Huang Jianrong, The Applicability of Policy-Making Theories in Post-Mao China
Reviewed by Lawrence C. Reardon, 440

Yiping Huang, China’s Last Steps across the River: Enterprise and Banking Reforms
Reviewed by Elliott Parker, 443

Anning Jing, The Water God’s Temple of the Guangsheng Monastery: Cosmic Function of Art, Ritual, and Theater
Reviewed by Tracy Miller, 449

David Martin Jones, The Image of China in Western Social and Political Thought
Reviewed by Charles Burton, 453

Ellen R. Judd, The Chinese Women’s Movement between State and Market
Reviewed by Cecilia Milwertz, 455

David N. Keightley, The Ancestral Landscape: Time, Space and Community in Late Shang China (ca. 1200–1045 BC)
Reviewed by John S. Major, 460

Martin Kern, The Stele Inscriptions of Ch’in Shih-huang: Text and Ritual in Early Chinese Imperial Representation
Reviewed by Steven C. Davidson, 465

Jeffrey Kinkley, Chinese Justice, the Fiction: Law and Literature in Modern China
Reviewed by Colin Hawes, 474

Thomas H. C. Lee, Education in Traditional China: A History
Reviewed by Barbara Lynne Rowland Mori, 478

Fei Fei Li, Robert Sabella, and David Liu, editors, Nanking 1937: Memory and Healing
Reviewed by Yihong Pan, 481

Min Lin with Maria Galikowski, The Search for Modernity: Chinese Intellectuals and Cultural Discourse in the Post-Mao Era
Reviewed by Ralph Croizier, 485

Tiziana Lippiello, Auspicious Omens and Miracles in Ancient China: Han, Three Kingdoms and Six Dynasties
Reviewed by Charles Benn, 487

Eriberto P. Lozada, Jr, God Aboveground: Catholic Church, Postsocialist State and Transnational Processes in a Chinese Village
Reviewed by David L. Wank, 489

Yadong Luo, Partnering with Chinese Firms: Lessons for International Managers
Reviewed by James Chan, 492

Susan Mann and Yu-yin Cheng, editors, Under Confucian Eyes: Writings on Gender in Chinese History
Reviewed by Maram Epstein, 495

D. E. Mungello, The Spirit and the Flesh in Shandong, 1650–1785
Reviewed by Judith Liu, 499

Alfreda Murck, Poetry and Painting in Song China: The Subtle Art of Dissent
Reviewed by Peter C. Sturman, 501

Peter Nolan, China and the Global Business Revolution
Reviewed by N. T. Wang, 507

Barbara Bennett Peterson, Notable Women of China: Shang Dynasty to the Early Twentieth Century
Reviewed by Pei-yi Wu, 514

Qi Xiaochun, Ō Gishi ronkō (A Study of Wang Xizhi)
Reviewed by Qianshen Bai, 516

Carl Riskin, Zhao Renwei, and Li Shi, editors, China’s Retreat from Equality: Income Distribution and Economic Transition
Reviewed by Kristen Parris, 522

Marcia Reynders Ristaino, Port of Last Resort: The Diaspora Communities of Shanghai
Reviewed by Marie-Claire Bergère, 526

David Robinson, Bandits, Eunuchs, and the Son of Heaven: Rebellion and the Economy of Violence in Mid-Ming China
Reviewed by Timothy Brook, 530

Robert H. Sharf, Coming to Terms with Chinese Buddhism: A Reading of the Treasure Store Treatise
Reviewed by Albert Welter, 534

Charles Stafford, Separation and Reunion in Modern China
Reviewed by Howard Giskin, 538

Michael Szonyi, Practicing Kinship: Lineage and Descent in Late Imperial China
Reviewed by Patricia Ebrey, 544

Wenfang Tang and William L. Parish, Chinese Urban Life under Reform: The Changing Social Contract
Reviewed by Laurence J. C. Ma, 549

Regine Thiriez, Barbarian Lens: Western Photographers of the Qianlong Emperor’s European Palaces
Reviewed by Joanne Y. Yamada, 551

Bryan W. Van Norden, editor, Confucius and the Analects: New Essays
Reviewed by Christian Jochim, 554

Griet Vankeerberghen, The Huainanzi and Liu An’s Claim to Moral Authority
Reviewed by Don J. Wyatt, 564

Wang Chen-ho, Rose, Rose, I Love You
Reviewed by Michael Berry, 568

Ann Barrott Wicks, editor, Children in Chinese Art
Reviewed by Kathleen Ryor, 572

Xiaohong Xiao-Planes, Éducation et politique en Chine: Le rôle des élites du Jiangsu, 1905–1914
Reviewed by Michael Marmé, 576

Xiaoqun Xu, Chinese Professionals and the Republican State: The Rise of Professional Associations in Shanghai, 1912–1937
Reviewed by Steve Smith, 581

Yamamoto Sumiko, History of Protestantism in China: The Indigenization of Christianity
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 584

Weili Ye, Seeking Modernity in the United States, 1900–1927
Reviewed by Huping Ling, 588

Wen-hsin Yeh, editor, Becoming Chinese: Passages to Modernity and Beyond
Reviewed by Karl Gerth, 599

You Ji, The Armed Forces of China
Reviewed by Herman Finley, 594

Peter Kieng-Hong Yu, Crab and Frog Motion Paradigm Shift: Decoding and Deciphering Taipei and Beijing’s Dialectical Politics
Reviewed by Murray A. Rubinstein, 597

Qiang Zhai, China and the Vietnam Wars, 1950–1975
Reviewed by Yu Shen, 603

Yingjin Zhang, editor, Cinema and Urban Culture in Shanghai, 1922–1943
Reviewed by Paul Clark, 608