China Review International, vol. 9, no. 1 (2002)

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Civil Society in China: A Dynamic Field of Study (reviewing Deborah S. Davis, Richard Kraus, Barry Naughton, and Elizabeth Perry, editors, Urban Spaces in Contemporary China; Deborah S. Davis, editor, The Consumer Revolution in Urban China; Randy Kluver and John H. Powers, editors, Civic Discourse, Civil Society, and Chinese Communities; Timothy Brook and B. Michael Frolic, editors, Civil Society in China; Richard Madsen, China’s Catholics: Tragedy and Hope in an Emerging Civil Society; Gordon White, Jude Howell, and Shang Xiaoyuan, In Search of Civil Society: Market Reform and Social Change in Contemporary China; Elizabeth J. Perry and Mark Selden, editors, Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance)
Reviewed by Guobin Yang, 1

Some Thoughts on the State of Chinese Diaspora Studies (reviewing Lynn Pan, general editor, The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas; Shen Yuanfang, Dragon Seed in the Antipodes: Chinese-Australian Autobiographies; Chen Yong, Chinese San Francisco, 1850–1943: A Trans-Pacific Community)
Reviewed by Christopher Fung, 17

Yingjin Zhang, editor, China in a Polycentric World: Essays in Chinese Comparative Literature
Reviewed by Paula Varsano, 23

Harriet T. Zurndorfer, editor, Chinese Women in the Imperial Past: New Perspectives
Reviewed by Paul S. Ropp, 41


Sarah Allan and Crispin Williams, editors, The Guodian Laozi: Proceedings of the International Conference, Dartmouth College, May 1998
Reviewed by Scott Cook, 53

Iwo Amelung, Der Gelbe Fluss in Shandong (1851–1911): Überschwemmungskatastrophen und ihre Bewältigung im China der späten Qing-Zeit
Reviewed by Eduard B. Vermeer, 65

Marie-Claire Bergère, Histoire de Shanghai
Reviewed by Marcia Reynders Ristaino, 67

Rajeswary Ampalavanar Brown, Chinese Big Business and the Wealth of Asian Nations Reviewed by Paul Bolt, 71

Gerald Chan, Chinese Perspectives on International Relations: A Framework for Analysis
Reviewed by Harvey Nelsen, 75

Chih-p’ing Chou, Yan Xia, and Meow Hui Goh, All Things Considered: Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese
Reviewed by Jeffrey J. Hayden, 77

Gina Corrigan, Miao Textiles from China; John E. Vollmer, Elinor Pearlstein, and Christa C. Mayer Thurman, Clothed to Rule the Universe: Ming to Qing Textiles at the Art Institute of Chicago
Reviewed by Linda Arthur, 81
John W. Dardess, Blood and History in China: The Donglin Faction and its Repression
Reviewed by Roger V. Des Forges, 84

Ding Yuanzhi, Wenzi xin lun New perspectives on the Wenzi); Ding Yuanzhi Wenzi ziliao tansuo (Exploration of the Wenzi materials); Ding Yuanzhi, Huainanzi yu Wenzi kaobian (Examination of the Huainanzi and Wenzi)
Reviewed by Paul van Els, 91

Barbara Entwisle and Gail E. Henderson, editors, Re-Drawing Boundaries: Work, Households, and Gender in China
Reviewed by Cindy Fan, 98

Thomas Fröhlich, Staatsdenken in China der Republikzeit (1912–1949): Die Instrumentalisierung philosophischer Ideen bei chinesischen Intellektuellen (Statehood reflections in Republican China [1912–1949]: The implementation of philosophical ideas by Chinese intellectuals)
Reviewed by Irene Eber, 102
Gao, Mobo C. F., Gao Village: A Portrait of Rural Life in Modern China
Reviewed by Ann Maxwell Hill, 106

Bruce Gilley, Model Rebels: The Rise and Fall of China’s Richest Village
Reviewed by Jonathan Unger, 109

N. J. Girardot, James Miller, and Liu Xiaogan, editors, Daoism and Ecology: Ways within a Cosmic Landscape
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 112

Avery Goldstein, Deterrence and Security in the 21st Century: China, Britain, France, and the Enduring Legacy of Nuclear Revolution
Reviewed by Wei-chin Lee, 119

Melvyn C. Goldstein and Matthew T. Kapstein, Buddhism in Contemporary Tibet: Religious Revival and Cultural Identity
Reviewed by Karma Lekshe Tsomo, 124

David A. Graff and Robin Higham, editors, A Military History of China
Reviewed by Albert E. Dien, 126

Kenneth J. Hammond, editor, The Human Tradition in Premodern China
Reviewed by Dennis Grafflin, 132

James C. Hsiung, editor, Hong Kong the Super Paradox: Life after Return to China
Reviewed by Ho-fung Hung, 136

Madeline Y. Hsu, Dreaming of Gold, Dreaming of Home: Transnationalism and Migration between the United States and China, 1882–1943
Reviewed by Gene Cooper, 140

Jing Huang, Factionalism in Chinese Communist Politics
Reviewed by Kalpana Misra, 143

Neil C. Hughes, China’s Economic Challenge: Smashing the Iron Rice Bowl
Reviewed by Thomas G. Moore, 148

Donald A. Jordan, China’s Trial by Fire: The Shanghai War of 1932
Reviewed by Roger B. Jeans, 152

Rebecca E. Karl, Staging the World: Chinese Nationalism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Reviewed by Viren Murthy, 157

Ronald Keith and Zhiqiu Lin, Law and Justice in China’s New Marketplace
Reviewed by Pitman B. Potter, 163

Yung Sik Kim, The Natural Philosophy of Chu Hsi 1130–1200
Reviewed by Kirill Thompson, 165

Pang-Kwong Li, Hong Kong from Britain to China: Political Cleavages, Electoral Dynamics, and Institutional Changes
Reviewed by Alvin Y. So, 181

Yi-min Lin, Between Politics and Markets: Firms, Competition, and Institutional Change in Post-Mao China
Reviewed by Wei-Wei Zhang, 183

Xiaohong Liu, Chinese Ambassadors: The Rise of Diplomatic Professionalism since 1949
Reviewed by Richard Kraus, 186

Xin Liu, In One’s Own Shadow: An Ethnographic Account of the Condition of Post-Modern Reform Rural China
Reviewed by Margaret Swain, 189

Amy McNair, The Upright Brush: Yan Zhenqing’s Calligraphy and Song Literati Politics
Reviewed by Shen Wang, 191

Pu Miao, editor, Public Places in Asia Pacific Cities: Current Issues and Strategies
Reviewed by Piper Gaubatz, 196

Sherry Mou, editor, Presence and Presentation: Women in the Chinese Literati Tradition
Reviewed by David McCraw, 199

Erik Mueggler, The Age of Wild Ghosts: Memory, Violence, and Places in Southwest China Reviewed by Mobo C. F. Gao, 209

Geoffrey Murray, China: The Next Superpower: Dilemmas in Change and Continuity
Reviewed by Laura M. Luehrmann, 212

Pan Xianyi and Ran Changguang, editors, Zongjiao yu wenming (Religion and civilization)
Reviewed by David C. Yu, 217

Don A. Pittman, Toward a Modern Chinese Buddhism: Taixu’s Reforms
Reviewed by David L. Wank, 222

David Porter, Ideographia: The Chinese Cipher in Early Modern Europe
Reviewed by Christopher Connery, 225

William T. Rowe, Saving the World: Chen Hongmou and Elite Consciousness in Eighteenth-Century China
Reviewed by Jane Kate Leonard, 234

Tony Saich, Governance and Politics of China
Reviewed by Jeremy Paltiel, 239

S. A. Smith, Like Cattle and Horses: Nationalism and Labor in Shanghai, 1895–1927
Reviewed by Xiaoqun Xu, 241

Kristin Stapleton, Civilizing Chengdu: Chinese Urban Reform, 1895–1937
Reviewed by Alison Dray-Novey, 246

Kwok-kan Tam, Ibsen in China 1908–1997: A Critical-Annotated Bibliography of Criticism, Translation and Performance
Reviewed by Wenwei Du, 251

Xiaobing Tang, Chinese Modern: The Heroic and the Quotidian
Reviewed by Ban Wang, 256

Henry Shih-shan Tsai, Perpetual Happiness: The Ming Emperor Yongle
Reviewed by Kenneth J. Hammond, 260

Michael Tsin, Nation, Governance, and Modernity in China: Canton, 1900–1927
Reviewed by Roger R. Thompson, 263

Joanna Waley-Cohen, The Sextants of Beijing: Global Currents in Chinese History
Reviewed by Dave Flynn, 268

Aihe Wang, Cosmology and Political Culture in Early China
Reviewed by John B. Henderson, 273
David D. Wang, Under the Soviet Shadow: The Yining Incident
Reviewed by Linda Benson, 277

Sharon Wesoky, Chinese Feminism Faces Globalization
Reviewed by Susan H. Perry, 281

Dave Williams, Misreading the Chinese Character: Images of the Chinese in Euroamerican Drama to 1925
Reviewed by Claire Conceison, 283

Yenna Wu, Ameliorative Satire and the Seventeenth-Century Chinese Novel, Xingshi yinyuan zhuan—Marriage as Retribution, Awakening the World
Reviewed by Ying Wang, 287

Yinrong Xu, The Chinese City in Space and Time: The Development of Urban Form in Suzhou
Reviewed by Kerrie L. MacPherson, 291

Herbert S. Yee, Macau in Transition: From Colony to Autonomous Region
Reviewed by Jonathan Porter, 294

Yin Binyong, editor, Xinhua pinxie cidian (Xinhua dictionary of pinyin spelling)
Reviewed by John DeFrancis, 297

Shu Guang Zhang, Economic Cold War: America’s Embargo against China and the Sino-Soviet Alliance 1949–1963
Reviewed by Yongjin Zhang, 303