China Review International, vol. 8, no. 2 (2001)

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Chinese Culinary History (reviewing Huang Hsing-Tsung, Fermentations and Food Science; Xu Hairong, editor-in-chief, Zhongguo yinshi shi [The history of Chinese food]; Kenneth F. Kiple and Kriemhild Coneè Ornelas, editors,The Cambridge World History of Food)
Reviewed by Endymion Wilkinson, 285


Albert H. Yee, editor, Whither Hong Kong: China’s Shadow or Visionary Gleam?
Reviewed by Carol Jones, 305

Albert H. Yee and Kenneth Topley’s Responses to Carol Jones’ Review of Whither
Hong Kong: China’s Shadow or Visionary Gleam?
, 323

Whither Hong Kong: China’s Shadow or Visionary Gleam?
Reply to Yee and Kenneth Topley, 331


Robert Bagley, editor, with contributions by Jay Xu, Michèle Pirazzolit-t’Serstevens,
Jenny So, Lothar von Falkenhausen, Alain Thote, Jessica Rawson, and Michael Nylan, Ancient Sichuan: Treasures from a Lost Civilization
Reviewed by Sarah Milledge Nelson, 333

John S. Barlow, A Pocket Chinese-Russian-English Dictionary: Arranged by the Rosenberg Graphical System
Reviewed by Katia Chirkova, 336

Robert Bickers, Britain in China: Community, Culture and Colonialism, 1900–1949 Reviewed by Nicholas Clifford, 340

Paul J. Bolt, China and Southeast Asia’s Ethnic Chinese: State and Diaspora in Contemporary Asia
Reviewed by Philippe Bourbeau, 344

Guanlong Cao, The Attic: Memoir of a Chinese Landlord’s Son
Reviewed by Todd Pavel, 347

Chen Baoya, Ershi shiji Zhongguo yuyanxue fangfalun: 1898–1998 (Chinese linguistic methodology in the twentieth century: 1898–1998)
Reviewed by Katia Chirkova, 349

Jae Ho Chung, editor, Cities in China: Recipes for Economic Development in the Reform Era
Reviewed by Reginald Yin-Wang Kwok, 353

Robert Joe Cutter and William Gordon Crowell, translators, annotators, and introduction, Empresses and Consorts: Selections from Chen Shou’s ‘‘Records of Three States’’ with Pei Songzhi’s Commentary
Reviewed by Sherry J. Mou, 358

Käte Finsterbusch, Verzeichnis und Motivindex der Han-Darstellungen, Band III, Text (Catalog and motif index of Han representations, Volume III, Text)
Reviewed by Hans van Ess, 363

Philippe Forêt, Mapping Chengde: The Qing Landscape Enterprise
Reviewed by Jane Kate Leonard, 365

Nicholas F. Gier, Spiritual Titanism: Indian, Chinese, and Western Perspectives
Reviewed by John Allen Tucker, 369

Maris Boyd Gillette, Between Mecca and Beijing: Modernization and Consumption among Urban Chinese Muslims
Reviewed by Maria Jaschok, 374

Paul Rakita Goldin, Rituals of the Way: The Philosophy of Xunzi; T. C. Kline, III, and Philip J. Ivanhoe, editors, Virtue, Nature, and Moral Agency in the Xunzi
Reviewed by John Allen Tucker, 380

Han-Ying shuangjie Xinhua zidian (Xinhua Dictionary with English Translation)
Reviewed by Paul Clark, 387

Henrietta Harrison, The Making of the Republican Citizen: Political Ceremonies and Symbols in China, 1911–1929
Reviewed by Chang-tai Hung, 389

Johnathan Hay, Shitao: Painting and Modernity in Early Qing China
Reviewed by Anne Burkus-Chasson, 392

Berry F. C. Hsu, Laws of Banking and Finance in the Hong Kong SAR
Reviewed by Robert J. Morris, J.D., 396

John Knoblock and Jeffrey Riegel, The Annals of Lü Buwei: A Complete Translation and Study
Reviewed by Nathan Sivin, 407

Kwan Man Bun, The Salt Merchants of Tianjin: State Making and Civil Society in Late Imperial China
Reviewed by Jane Kate Leonard, 414

David M. Lampton, editor, The Making of Chinese Foreign and Security Policy in the Era of Reform, 1978–2000
Reviewed by Yong Deng, 420

Edward Lazzerini, The Chinese Revolution
Reviewed by Jack Patrick Hayes, 424

Charles Le Blanc, Le Wen zi à la lumière de l’histoire et de l’archèologie
Reviewed by Paul van Els, 426

Leo Ou-fan Lee, Shanghai Modern: The Flowering of a New Urban Culture in China, 1930–1945
Reviewed by Yingjin Zhang, 430

Jing Lin, Social Transformation and Private Education in China
Reviewed by Harold Swindall, 436

Perry Link, The Uses of Literature: Life in the Socialist Chinese Literary System
Reviewed by Paul Clark, 438

Tiziana Lippiello and Roman Malek, editors, ‘‘Scholar from the West’’: Giulio Aleni S. J. (1582–1649) and the Dialogue between Christianity and China; Jost Oliver Zetzsche, The Bible in China: The History of the Union Version or The Culmination of Protestant Missionary Bible Translation in China
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 441

Stephen Little with Shawn Eichman, Taoism and the Arts of China
Reviewed by Anne de Coursey Clapp, 458

Liu Ts’un-yan, Tao-chiao shih t’an-yüan (An inquiry into the history of the Taoist religion)
Reviewed by Pei Huang, 462

Michael Loewe, A Biographical Dictionary of the Qin, Former Han and Xin Periods (221 B.C.–A.D. 24)
Reviewed by Nathan Sivin, 465

Joseph McDermott, editor, State and Court Ritual in China
Reviewed by Kai-wing Chow, 468

Françoise Mengin, Trajectoires chinoises: Taiwan, Hong Kong et Pékin (Chinese Trajectories: Taiwan, Hong Kong and Peking)
Reviewed by Vincent Kelly Pollard, 475

Susan Naquin, Peking: Temples and City Life, 1400–1900
Reviewed by David D. Buck, 478

Lisa Rofel, Other Modernities: Gendered Yearnings in China after Socialism
Reviewed by Judith Farquhar, 483

Tsering Shakya, The Dragon in the Land of Snows: A History of Modern Tibet since 1947
Reviewed by A. Tom Grunfeld, 486

Shiping Zheng, Party vs. State in Post-1949 China: The Institutional Dilemma
Reviewed by James Z. Gao, 489

Jerome Silbergeld, China into Film: Frames of Reference in Contemporary Chinese Cinema
Reviewed by Eugene Yuejin Wang, 492

Edward R. Slack, Jr., Opium, State, and Society: China’s Narco-Economy and the Guomindang, 1924–1937
Reviewed by Thomas D. Reins, 501

Matthew H. Sommer, Sex, Law, and Society in Late Imperial China
Reviewed by Jane Kate Leonard, 506

Claire Sponsler and Xiaomei Chen, editors, East of West: Cross-cultural Performance and the Staging of Difference
Reviewed by Claire Conceison, 512

Rune Svarverud, Methods of the Way: Early Chinese Ethical Thought
Reviewed by Mark Csikszentmihalyi, 520

Tu Wei-ming, Humanity and Self-Cultivation; Robert Cummings Neville, Boston Confucianism: Portable Tradition in the Late-modern World
Reviewed by Sor-hoon Tan, 524

Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, editor, China Confidential: American Diplomats and Sino-American Relations, 1945–1996
Reviewed by Lawrence C. Reardon, 533

Michael Twohey, Authority and Welfare in China: Modern Debates in Historical Perspective
Reviewed by David Pong, 537

Patrick Tyler, A Great Wall: Six Presidents and China; James Mann, About Face: A History of America’s Curious Relationship with China, from Nixon to Clinton
Reviewed by Oliver M. Lee, 541

Stephen Uhalley, Jr., and Xiaoxin Wu, editors, China and Christianity: Burdened Past, Hopeful Future
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 548

Hans van de Ven, editor, Warfare in Chinese History
Reviewed by Joanna Waley-Cohen, 557

Hartmut Walravens, editor, Li T’ai-po: Gesammelte Gedichte
Reviewed by Frank Kraushaar, 562

Aihe Wang, Cosmology and Political Culture in Early China
Reviewed by Nathan Sivin, 566

Yehua Denis Wei, Regional Development in China: States, Globalization and Inequality
Reviewed by Si-ming Li, 572

Loraine A. West and Yaohui Zhao, editors, Rural Labor Flows in China
Reviewed by Young-Jin Choi, 578

Lynn T. White, III, Unstately Power. Volumes 1 and 2
Reviewed by Beatrice Bartlett, 581