Biography, vol. 25, no. 4 (2002)

Editor’s Note, p. iii


Adam Sonstegard
Performing the ‘Unnatural’ Life: America’s First Gay Autobiography, p. 545

A man known as Claude Hartland wrote America’s first gay autobiography, ostensibly a case history intended to help physicians treat the pathologies of “inverts.” But as he performs the “unnatural” life these physicians expected, Hartland courts sympathizers, subtly flirting with potential sexual partners he locates among his readers.

Robert D. Aguirre
Cold Print: Professing Authorship in Anthony Trollope’s An Autobiography, p. 569

Rather than viewing Anthony Trollope’s An Autobiography as split between confessional and professional modes of life writing, this essay argues that it offers a cogent analysis of the economic and legal problematics of authorship—an analysis with broad implications for understanding autobiography’s function as a representation of the writing self.

Phyllis E. Wachter and William Todd Schultz
Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2001-2002, p. 593


Moving Lives: 20th Century Women’s Travel Writing, by Sidonie Smith, p. 672
Reviewed by Cheryl J. Fish

Life Writing/Writing Lives, edited by Bette H. Kirschstein, p. 674
Reviewed by Kari J. Winter

Turns in the Road: Narrative Studies of Lives in Transition, edited by Dan P. McAdams, Ruthellen Josselson, and Amia Lieblich, p. 677
Reviewed by Barbara Frey Waxman

Biographical Research, by Brian Roberts, p. 682
Reviewed by Margaretta Jolly

Lives in Context: The Art of Life History Research, edited by Ardra L. Cole and J. Gary Knowles, p. 684
Reviewed by William K. Storey

Epistolary Histories: Letters, Fiction, Culture, edited by Amanda Gilroy and Wil Verhoeven, p. 685
Reviewed by Townsend Ludington

Interpreting the Self: Autobiography in the Arabic Literary Tradition, edited by Dwight E. Reynolds, p. 687
Reviewed by Samah Selim

The Muslim Jesus: Sayings and Stories in Islamic Literature, by Tarif Khalidi, p. 690
Reviewed by Merlin Swartz

Truth to Tell: German Women’s Autobiographies and Turn-of-the-Century Culture, by Katharina Gerstenberger, p. 693
Reviewed by Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres

Female Journeys: Autobiographical Expression by French and Italian Women, by Claire Marrone, p. 696
Reviewed by Laura Benedetti

Telling to Live: Latina Feminist Testimonios, by the Latina Feminist Group, p. 698
Reviewed by Anny Brooksbank Jones

Against Amnesia: Contemporary Women Writers and the Crises of Historical Memory, by Nancy J. Peterson, p. 701
Reviewed by Mark Freeman

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