Challenges in Mental Health for Pacific Peoples

Penina Uliuli: Contemporary Challenges in Mental Health for Pacific Peoples, edited by Philip Culbertson, Margaret Nelson Agee, and Cabrini ‘Ofa Makasiale, is a diverse collection of essays examining important issues related to mental health among Pacific Islanders through the topics of identity, spirituality, the unconscious, mental trauma, and healing.

September 2007 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3224-7 / $28.00 (PAPER)

“Finally, a volume on mental health and well being of Pacific Island people written from the point of view of their own world view. A rich and substantive contribution for understanding mental health issues, concepts, and interventions within the cultural context of Pacific Islander history, culture, and the emerging challenges posed by rapid social change. This is essential reading for professionals, scholars, and lay audiences seeking to understand better the complex cultural tapestry and way of life of the many different people who inhabit the vast area of the Pacific Ocean and its countless islands.” —Anthony J. Marsella, Emeritus Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Hawai‘i