Buddhist-Christian Studies, vol. 14 (1994)

[This volume is available online in JSTOR.]


What is the Sound of Liberating Truth? Remembering Fred Streng, pp. 3-7
Paul O. Ingram


Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in Japan: Varieties of Immediate Experience, pp. 11-22
Seiichi Yagi

A Zennist’s Vision of the Time for Dharma (Religious Truth) to Become Manifest, pp. 23-32
Ryomin Akizuki

Faith, pp. 35-41
John B. Cobb, Jr.

The Pure Land Buddhist Notion of Faith, pp. 43-55
Ryusei Takeda
Response by John B. Cobb, Jr.
Consciousness without Identity: Sartrean Bad Faith and the Buddhist Mirror-Mind, pp. 57-69
Steven W. Laycock


The Irwon Symbol and its Ecumenical Significance, pp. 73-87
Bokin Kim

Attention as a Key to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, pp. 89-110
Carol G. Zaleski

Yogic Meditation and Social Responsibility, pp. 111-125
Andrew B. Kipnis

On Taking Polytheism Seriously, pp. 127-135
Daniel A. Dombrowski


A Form for Buddhist-Christian Coinherent Meditation, pp. 139-144
Roger Corless

Maria Kannon Zen: Explorations in Buddhist-Christian Practice, pp. 145-156
Ruben L. F. Habito

Religion as Practice: A Zen-Quaker Internal Dialogue, pp. 157-162
Sallie B. King

A Buddhist Perspective on Dual Worship, pp. 163-167
Alfred Bloom

Dialogue and Language, pp. 169-172
John P. Keenan

Joint Buddhist-Christian Practice: A Critique of Corless, Habito and King, pp. 173-176
Terry C. Muck

A Christian Response to Joint Buddhist-Christian Practice, pp. 177-180
Bonnie Thurston

A Reply to the Responses, pp. 181-184
Roger Corless

Living Tension: A Five-Point Response, pp. 185-188
Ruben L. F. Habito

On Pleasure, Choice, and Authority: Thoughts in Process, pp. 189-196
Sallie B. King


1993 Annual Meeting of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, pp. 199-201
Ruben L. F. Habito

Meeting of the Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, p. 203
James Heisig

Report on the Parliament of the World’s Religions, pp. 205-207
Donald W. Mitchell

Zen Mind/Christian Mind: Practice across Traditions, pp. 209-213
Susan Postal

Naropa Institute Buddhist-Christian-Jewish Retreats: Contemplation of the Psalms, pp. 215-216
Judith Simmer-Brown

In Memoriam: Dom Jean Leclercq, p. 217
Roger Corless


Comments on Behind the Masks of God, by Robert C. Neville, pp. 221-226
Rita M. Gross

A Review of Neville’s Behind the Masks of God, pp. 227-232
David Lochhead

A Review of Self and Liberation: The Jung/Buddhism Dialogue, edited by Daniel J. Meckel and Robert L. Moore, pp. 233-241
John P. Keenan

BOOK REVIEWS, pp. 245-310