A Japanese Historian in the Outback

Gurindji Journey
After immersing himself in the culture of a remote Australian Indigenous community for close to a year, the young Japanese scholar Minoru Hokari emerged with a new world view. Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback tells of Hokari’s experience living with the Gurindji people of Daguragu and Kalkaringi in the Northern Territory of Australia, absorbing their way of life and beginning to understand Aboriginal modes of seeing and being.

Gurindji Journey makes an important contribution to indigenous and subaltern histories without the usual dryness of academic prose. Hokari’s insights into different ways of perceiving the past are fresh and illuminating.” —Dipesh Chakrabarty, University of Chicago

June 2011 / ISBN 978-0-8248-3614-6 / $29.00 (PAPER)