Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, 78

From “Scale and Its Histories” by Chris Lukinbeal in this issue. Landscape with Saint Jerome, by Joachim Patinir.

The Yearbook presents a diverse collection of articles this year, including the following scholarly works, plus book reviews, field notes and others.

  • Presidential Address: Scale and Its Histories, by Chris Lukinbeal
  • Ephemeral Conciliation: Community-Based Art and Redevelopment, by Brenda Kayzar
  • “Our Bungalow Dreams”: Housing and Occupation in the United States West, 1920, by Kristine Hunt
  • Listening to the Mojave Desert: A Magical Confusion, by Nicholas Bauch
  • Climate Change, Industrial Solar, and the Globalized Local in Joshua Tree, California, by Jennifer M. Bernstein
  • Environmental Flow Development: Geomorphic Considerations from the McKenzie River, Oregon, by Suzanne C. Walther
  • Breaking Bonds: Cultural Adaptation and Health across Hispanic/Latino Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, by Regan Maas
  • Hyrdo-politics and Hydro-economics: Comparing Upstream and Downstream Challenges for Vietnam and Ethiopia, by Dianne Meredith and Elena Givental
  • Reflections on Bird Migration, Habitat Use, and Bird Song in the Pacific Coast Migration Corridor, by Joy J. Wolf
  • Combinatorial Creativity and the Australian Letters of Amalie Dietrich, by Ray Sumner
  • Neoliberal Agricultural Policies and Farmers’ Political Power in Japan, by Yoshitaka Miyake

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About the Journal

Founded in 1935, the APCG has a rich history of promoting geographical education and research. Its Yearbook includes abstracts of papers from its annual meetings, a selection of full-length peer-reviewed articles, and book reviews.


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