University Press Week – Mapping Our Influence

One of the most significant aspects of any university press is the impact it has on the world around us. State university presses shine a bright light on their regional community; prestigious disciplinary lists reach out to scholars across the globe as both authors and readers; and institutional collaborations, translations, prizes, and events can carry the name of a university and its press almost anywhere. We often don’t talk enough about this impact, but now we have a new way to help show it.

The University Press Week Mapping Project provides a tool to show visually what we mean by a university press having value to its community, the academy, society, and the world. Using Google Maps and a custom iconographic key, the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) encouraged members to develop maps that visually demonstrate their place—their many places—in the world.

View “Mapping Our Influence”:

View UH Press’ Influence Map, which highlights titles, authors, and affiliates from our Summer 2012-Spring 2013 list:

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