Trans-Humanities, vol. 10, no. 3 (2017)

Trans-Humanities volume 10 issue 2 features the following scholarly works:


SF, An Aesthetics of Thought Experiments Exploring Otherness: With a Focus on Stanislaw Lem’s SF Solaris (1961)
by Do-Hoon Bok

Connection Between the Worlds Reorganized into New Media: Focused on Dramaworld
by Soohwan Kang

An Institutional Approach to the Reception of Nam June Paik in French Art Museums During the 1970s: Contexts, Characteristics, and Meanings
by Ilmin Nah

Temporary Autonomous Zone and a Subject Outside the Law
by Jongju Park

A Study on the Rights of Returnees and the Return of Soviet Koreans in Sakhalin Through Difficulty at Remaining Life Written by In Muhak
by Namseok Kim

Reading Lord Jim Based on Slavoj Žižek’s “Fantasy” and “Spectre”
by Sunhee Jung

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